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  1. says:

    Teacher Lee,
    I have two suggestions:
    First, I cannot edit my comments while I can edit my blog post.
    Sometimes, I make a mistake in my comments, but I cannot find any tool for updating my comments.
    I searched for it, but I couldn’t find it.
    So I suggest creating a tool for updating comments.
    Second, I could upload a few images from my computer for my blog post.
    Why cannot we upload a photo for our profile, please?
    So I suggest uploading the photo for profile from our computers.
    If we can do this, we will be very happy.

    • TeacherLee says:

      Check your profile page now. Near the bottom you should have a new entry where you can choose an avatar from the site’s Media Library. Upload your picture to the Media Library, then make it your profile picture.

  2. TeacherLee says:

    1. After you post a comment, you can edit it for some short time later. Under the date/time, there is a small link (Edit). Clicking this lets you edit your comment. After this edit, you must click “Update” on the right side of the screen to re-post it.

    2. This website is limited in capabilities at the moment. If you read Lee’s Blog for updating your profile, it tells you how you can add a profile picture. At the moment you have to create a free account at, and then you can add a profile picture.

    Improvements will come but they will be slow.

    Compare my comment to your comment. Which is more readable? Think “paragraphs”.

  3. Gerard says:

    Hello T. Lee. Would it be possible having paying pronunciation classes similar to the ones we had on LEWWWP? Maybe Diana could teach them.

  4. TeacherLee says:

    Paying classes are always possible and appreciated by teachers, Gerard!

    I never attended the pronunciation classes on LEWWWP.  Were they group or individual classes?  How many sounds did she cover per class?  Was it by sound or just by a list of words to practice?


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