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Blogs are like a diary. A blog serves as a running dialog that discusses a variety of topics. This site has blog rules explained in Lee’s Blog, which is accessible from the Main Menu. If you want to just socialize and discuss pleasantries on this website, do it in a blog, please.

Lee’s Blog

Blog 1 – Genesis of This Website Welcome to my first blog, the topic of which will be the genesis of this website. There were two main drivers that led to the creation of this website. The first driver was … Continue reading

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Ivan’s Blog

Blog 1 Introduction Hello all! My name is Ivan, I’m from Russia, and I am a learner of English and photo spammer.  Last two features is a reason why I am here. I know a little bit about IT, and … Continue reading

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Blanca’s blog

Blog 1 – Introduction My name is Blanca. I’m living in Community of Madrid.  Its name is Tres Cantos situated 22 kms from the center at the North of the capital.   It’s very young, about 40 years.  I worked … Continue reading

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Gerard’s Blog

 Blog 1 – Introduction      I’m Gerard from LEWWWP. I’m glad to be here with T. LEE, Diana, Ivan, and all the lewwwpers who have joined us . I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I live in a small town named … Continue reading

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Joanna’s blog

If not now, when ?? If not you, who ?? If not here, where ?? If not thus, how ?? I am a believer / dreamer who knows that belief in dreams is not enough. I must do as much … Continue reading

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Vasanth’s blog

Hello dear Mad Rook members, I am Vasanth Prabakar. I am from Tamilnadu, India. My native language is Tamil. I am currently working in the Indian Postal department as a Branch Post Master. I am learning English because I don’t … Continue reading

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Rarietty’s blog

Hi there, My name is Rie. I live in Osaka, Japan. “Rie” is very common name in Japan. That’s why I am called the name “Rarietty / Rarie” from my friends, and I always use this name on Web. I … Continue reading

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PersianGolfer’s Blog.

Hello everybody, I am very happy to tell all of you “Happy New Year” in our new website. We are on the website whose name is Lee’s Library. We came to a Library when the new year 2017 came.The word … Continue reading

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Thein Lin Aung’s Blog

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Diana’s blog

The feeling you get when you run out of LEWWWP… What is your purpose?  

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Blackmatta’s Blog

Blog 1 Thank you! P.S. Please read Lee’s Blog #2.  🙂

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