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Blog 1 – Genesis of This Website

Welcome to my first blog, the topic of which will be the genesis of this website. There were two main drivers that led to the creation of this website.

The first driver was that I teach conversation classes on italki.com, and I needed a place to serve as a central repository of all my training materials that I might need for my classes.

The second driver was that I used to teach on a website called LEWWWP, Learn English with a World-Wide Perspective, founded by Holly Dilatush. Due to unfortunate circumstances, that website had to shut down at the end of 2016, so I encouraged former LEWWWP members to consider using this website as their new haunt as they continue their journey down the long, dusty, winding road of learning English.

I also invite any other students out there on the Internet to become a member and learn English here using my materials. If you wish to take some conversation lessons with me, please visit me on italki.com. I think you will find my teaching style unique compared to anything you have experienced before.

Lee’s website philosophy: This is an educational website. Everything we do here should be done for the purpose of improving students’ English skills in some way. Please keep this focus in mind with everything you do here.

CAVEAT: This website is brand new and is a “living document“, which means it is changing on a daily basis. It is only minimally functional at the moment but will be evolving daily to add more features, so please “pardon our dust” while we renovate, and be patient with any glitches you encounter. For chatting purposes, Ivan has a TED Talks group on Facebook and a chat network set up on an application called Telegram. Contact Ivan for more information in these areas.

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About TeacherLee

I am the founder of this site and I also serve as an online English teacher here. I have a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in Computing Technology in Education. My background includes nuclear power plant training engineer and operations consultant, college professor, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and MCSE. My hobbies are computers, scuba diving, and playing tennis.
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