Movie club: Green Lantern

slides:–q6d62DLZXAUPdK9Yegpiqk3XcZAN9ziM/edit?usp=sharing   Lee Wright 9:05 PM Protectors of the Universe a society of Green Lanterns their ring can wield the power of will Parallax was a villain escaped from an eternal prison. He attacked Aben Sur and mortally wounded him. Aben Sur passed his ring to Hal Jordan because

How to find a robot (or a learner)?

There is an old fear if robots are exactly like humans and it would be impossible to distinguish them from us. There are a lot of ideas, books, and movies about that. “Blade Runner” is a good one if you are looking for the film. In literature and sci-fi, there

Digital Resistance

Prologue: The beginning of the story We should never underestimate the stupidity of governmental institutes. The Russian government is not an exemption of this rule. Some time ago they started (and lost) the battle with internet messenger Telegram. If you don’t know what Telegram is, it is just another messaging