Movie club: The barber of siberia




Lee Wright 11:01 PM
school zones
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Lee Wright 11:03 PM
Me too, Leyla.

leyla eroğlu 11:03 PM

Lee Wright 11:03 PM
The Barber of Siberia
Russian movie but made for foreigners
to introduce us to Russian culture (?)
He’s not a real barber..
He cuts down trees.
A man invents a machine to cut down trees and tries to sell it to the government.
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Lee Wright 11:05 PM
But it doesn’t work smoothly and reliably.
Hired a woman to pretend to be his daughter
to seduce someone
(kuh DET)
she runs into the cadet
and a relationship developed
“Something clicked between them”
She is supposed to seduce a general who is the head of the cadet’s school.
“The Barber of Seville” – famous opera

Vasanth Prabakar 11:08 PM
The tree cutting engine’s name is also Barber of siberia

Lee Wright 11:08 PM
Harsh pranks against the officers
Cadets are “officers in training”.
Still higher rank than enlisted soldiers.
Devious plan
dishonest though 🙂
Janet loves Tolstoy, the cadet.
He can sing.
Archduke is in charge of all military school.

Vasanth Prabakar 11:11 PM
it front of the prince.

Lee Wright 11:11 PM
They thought it was an assassination attempt, so he was sent to Siberia.
Sergei cried…

Vasanth Prabakar 11:12 PM

Gerard Arbat 11:12 PM

Lee Wright 11:12 PM
Sang a song about friends.
Russian holiday
Pancake Week
Monday to Sunday
Scheduled week
eat pancakes in company of many people.
Sunday of forgiveness
Ask each other for forgiveness of any offenses

leyla eroğlu 11:14 PM
oohh so sweet

Lee Wright 11:14 PM
Purge our guilt
This moment was in the movie
General asked for forgiveness
Jane asks General to have a drink
He doesn’t normally drink but he accommodates her.
He got drunk
and got a hangover
He interrupted a play
by children
so didn’t want to drink
but she had to seduce him so she got him drunk
Hugged bears
did crazy things
He wakes up on Sunday.
To forgive, fault must be assigned first.
I’m sorry..
Please forgive me for what I did last year…
The forgiveness must be sincere.
Please forgive me..
“Please forgive me” expects a response.
Excuse me – before
Please forgive me – after
General thought Jane was in love with him.
Cadet got fealous
Cadet attacked the General and got sent to Siberia.
Jane returned 10 years later
Went to Siberia to test the machine
and tried to meet him but he hid from her.
So he got married and had kids, so he was ashamed to face Jane again.
He was married. Why rekindle old flames?

leyla eroğlu 11:23 PM

Lee Wright 11:24 PM
It was NOT meant to be.

Gerard Arbat 11:25 PM

Lee Wright 11:25 PM
“Star-crossed lovers” in Shakespeare terms
Holding a sickle in his hand

Vasanth Prabakar 11:25 PM
Quote from this movie: In Russia, Humans drink like animals and animals drink like humans 😀

Lee Wright 11:25 PM
The sickle was his only allowed “weapon”.
He went numb when he recognized Jane’s voice.
In the academy, a duel
a ballroom dance
someone invited Jane to the dance
Tolstoy was there
Jane’s partner insulted Tolstoy
Tolstoy challenged him to a duel
threw down the gauntlet
swords (SORDS)
fencing swords
fencing duel
fence will foils
American cadet
relationship with a sergeant
argued about Mozart

Gerard Arbat 11:29 PM
the sergeant didn’t know who Mozart was

Lee Wright 11:29 PM
The sergeant wanted to break the American cadet’s spirit.
One was educated, and one was not?
Cadet had to wear a gas mask
until he succumbed to the sergeant’s will
and viewpoint
clash of personalities
The cadet won the “game of chicken”.

Gerard Arbat 11:31 PM

Lee Wright 11:31 PM
It was Tolstoy’s son
The cadet was Tolstoy’s son?
Sergeant was ashamed due to his lack of knowledge of Mozart.
But he was stubborn.

Gerard Arbat 11:33 PM
like father like son

Lee Wright 11:33 PM
He refused to admit he was wrong.
He refused to apologize.
So he went to Siberia.
Stubborn pride

me 11:34 PM
1. What is the punishment you receive in schools/army camps?

Lee Wright 11:34 PM
Cadets had to stand on one leg.
In USA, we have to do push-ups
Give me 20!
Remember “Live, Die, Repeat”

Gerard Arbat 11:35 PM

Lee Wright 11:36 PM
elementary school used to be a slap on the wrist with a ruler or small tree branch
Now, can’t touch kids
Now detention -sit in a room and do nothing for an hour
No visual evidence
Leave the face alone.

Sergey Kotyukov 11:37 PM

Lee Wright 11:37 PM
Drill sergeants are the “bad guys”
Bubble suits and run and sweat
inside the suit
Thermal suit
Danger of overheating
like an astronaut suit
so you sweat inside the suit

Gerard Arbat 11:38 PM

leyla eroğlu 11:39 PM
a good way of losing weight

Lee Wright 11:39 PM
I don’t want to do that again!
Lose camp weekend privileges.
Grounded, confined to base on weekends
solitary confinement (isolation)
brotherhood discipline
keep it between us
no one else needs to know

Sergey Kotyukov 11:41 PM

Lee Wright 11:41 PM
collective responsibility
the whole group is punished for the sins of one
brings peer pressure to bear on the individual
can’t meet the physical standards
peer pressure
they will heap scorn on top of you
“Officially prohibited”

me 11:44 PM
2. What is the weird festival do you celebrate like the “day of forgiveness”?

Lee Wright 11:44 PM
No equivalent in the USA.
does it
strange custom
throw tomatoes
dress like bull fighters
throw eggs
Greek Orthodox – forgiveness is good for the soul?

leyla eroğlu 11:47 PM
ıt depends

Lee Wright 11:47 PM
big fist fight – a “free-for-all” to let off steam

Vasanth Prabakar 11:47 PM
hit on the previous day and ask for forgiveness on the next day 😀

Lee Wright 11:47 PM
release all the pent-up (trapped) violent feelings inside your body
self-punishment purges your soul

Gerard Arbat 11:47 PM

leyla eroğlu 11:48 PM
ohh ı can do that. hit sb and ask for forgiveness the other dayyyyy

Lee Wright 11:48 PM

leyla eroğlu 11:48 PM
I like it

Lee Wright 11:48 PM
cathartic exercise
everyone is equal in the brawl for everyone

leyla eroğlu 11:49 PM

Lee Wright 11:49 PM
“Fight Club”
to release tensions
Strange Russians
Leyla is inspired!
A pillow fight for all women
A fist fight involving everyone is called a “free-for-all”. Happens in bars in movies when some drunk starts a fight and everyone ends up fighting everyone.
bow and arrow
flaming arrow
shoot the straw monster
and burn it
inside is firecrackers
death of the monster!

me 11:52 PM
3. Is musical instruments like piano common in every household?

Lee Wright 11:52 PM
The old year is dead!
Used to be in the USA..

Sergey Kotyukov 11:53 PM

Lee Wright 11:53 PM
My mother-in-law had a piano. No one ever played it. It just collected dust.
and took up space
like a white elephant

me 11:54 PM

leyla eroğlu 11:54 PM
agree Lee but it sounds great

Lee Wright 11:54 PM
carried a piano up eight floors!
Parents all want their kids to learn to play the piano.
Rarely succeeds, I think.
Musical notes
I played guitar for a little bit but gave up.
My son played trumpet..
My daughter played an oboe-like instrument.

leyla eroğlu 11:55 PM
trumpet? ohh difficult right?

Lee Wright 11:56 PM
Classic literature
We read literature only in school.
couch potatoes

me 11:57 PM
4. What are the usual procedures in jails like half-shaved head in this movie?

leyla eroğlu 11:57 PM

Jörgen Olsson 11:58 PM
My uncle is a good trumpet player. Many hires him and he played in church.

Lee Wright 11:58 PM
In jail, we treat people like polite citizens. No mark of shame

Jörgen Olsson 11:58 PM
I played electric organ.

Lee Wright 11:59 PM
black and white striped
now orange

me 12:00 AM
6. Why did Jane take 10 years to find Tolstoy while the other girl found him and had a family with him for years?

Lee Wright 12:00 AM
Why wait so long if she “loved” him?

leyla eroğlu 12:00 AM
I must go as I have aprivate lesson. Thank you everybody. See you

me 12:01 AM

Lee Wright 12:01 AM
She waited for an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.
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Jörgen Olsson 12:02 AM
Bye Leyla. Thank you for attending.

Gerard Arbat 12:02 AM

Lee Wright 12:03 AM
wood shavings
wood chips
green machine

Sergey Kotyukov 12:03 AM

Lee Wright 12:05 AM
rival (RY vul)

Gerard Arbat 12:05 AM

Lee Wright 12:07 AM
High society used to be ashamed to speak Russian. They used French, German, etc. to show their higher education..
script font
Tent, picture
wide-rimmed hat
tent opening is pulled back
hemp rope
ammunition belt
curtains, wall paper with stripes
with a shoulder strap
train compartment

Vasanth Prabakar 12:10 AM
train coach?

Lee Wright 12:10 AM
or cabin
first-class cabin
wearing a “bagel necklace”

Vasanth Prabakar 12:11 AM
head rest?

Gerard Arbat 12:11 AM

Lee Wright 12:11 AM
bench seat
back cushion
Is that a bayonet?
off duty
He looks socially awkward.
champagne cooler
train boarding platform
Cars #3 and #4
Steel post
walking stick or cane

Jörgen Olsson 12:14 AM

Lee Wright 12:14 AM
Each compartment has its own door.
to avoid mixing with strangers
feather hat
red hair
a gun fight
terrorist attack
pistols , rifles
snow on the ground
stage coach on fire
attacking officials with grenades
or Molotov cocktails
Tolstoy survived by luck.
Exploitation (bad connotation)
He is obsessed with his machine
dance with chairs
no women
“baby faces”

Vasanth Prabakar 12:19 AM

Lee Wright 12:19 AM
standing on one leg
as a punishment
change legs
make bird squawks
to humiliate them
shoulder ranks
belts with buckles
long white shirt
Long-tailed shirt
belt worn high on the waist
weapon belt
sword belt
to hold sword in a sheath
knife sheath, sword sheath but holster for a pistol

Gerard Arbat 12:21 AM

Lee Wright 12:21 AM
dress uniform
working uniform
exercise uniform (fatigues)
Old desk
linoleum or tile floor
frosted windows
General and Jane
her hat is called a bonnet
Display cases
columns in both corners
Old phone
One phone is direct to your boss

Vasanth Prabakar 12:23 AM
like intercom?

Lee Wright 12:23 AM
secure lines
dark green dress
desk lamp
stack of books
cupboards or cabinents
wooden plank
polished wooden floors
soap wax?
wrong wax made the floor slippery
Tolstoy and Jane
bonnet on her head
shiny floor
small balcony inside?

me 12:27 AM

Lee Wright 12:28 AM
his colleagues are on their knees waxing the floor
staircase banister (rail)
His wife
She is a maid
in his mother’s home
He has no money
Mother won’t give him money (no allowance).. Maid gives him money
because she feels affection for him.
He married her when he went to Siberia.
She is wearing an apron..
Brass pot?
For a Russian tea ceremony.

Gerard Arbat 12:30 AM

Lee Wright 12:30 AM
wall lantern
who dances with whom
from another school
finishing school
polishing school
wrong wax here, slippery
put rubber on their shoes so they can dance without falling
a book of your dance partners
driver in blue
Russian humor is weird
cultural jokes?

Vasanth Prabakar 12:33 AM
his friend is teasing about Jane.

Lee Wright 12:33 AM
foreigner (FOR rin er)

Vasanth Prabakar 12:33 AM
make tolstoy jealous

Lee Wright 12:33 AM
exaggerated drama
egg ZAA juh RATE id

me 12:34 AM
breaking bad

Lee Wright 12:34 AM
small talk
acting up
doing silly antics
fooling around
what happened to the instructor?
White stuff?
All sit together, stand together
Military discipline
something fell from above
Don’t f— with the teacher!
engineering drawings
rifle racks , bayonets
General purpose classroom
two-person tables
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Lee Wright 12:38 AM
stiff collars
hanging kerosene lamps
before electricity

Jörgen Olsson 12:39 AM
The movie was good!

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