A Campsite Experience


Day 1 

The Thomson family has just arrived at a campground called “The Happy Whale” to enjoy their summer holiday.  This campsite is located in Spain, close to the French border.  They’ve traveled from the United Kingdom (UK) with a recreational vehicle (RV) towing their family car.  The campsite is located next to the ocean and is equipped with many amenities, including three swimming pools with slides, a supermarket, a restaurant, several bars, a pub, and even a night club!

They proceed through the front gate and find an RV parking space so they can check in.  They check in at the front office, have their reservation confirmed, and are given their campsite lot number where they will park their RV for their stay.  They exit the office and return to their RV.  They drive down to their lot, park their RV, and hook up the utility connections for electricity, water, and sewage.  They extend their RV awning out to provide maximum shade from the hot sun.  Per their plans, their lot is close to the seashore and the public restrooms.

They unhook their car from the RV and use it to drive to the supermarket to buy some meat so they can cook out under the stars tonight.  As dusk begins to fall, they barbecue some chicken on an outside grill, and the aroma of the meat is amazing as it wafts through the air.  After a delicious meal, they bring out some folding chairs and sit outside under the canopy, talking and drinking beer until midnight, after which the campsite rules require quiet until 7:00 am.  The weather is temperate with a cool breeze, so they decide to sleep outside.  They are aware that some friends of theirs coincidentally arrived at the campsite three days ago.  They make a mental note to look them up the next day.

Day 2

The Thomson family awakes the next day to the sound of ocean waves crashing on the beach.  It is very tranquil.  It is a beautiful morning, and the kids, 12-year-old Karol and 16‑year-old Brian, want to go swimming, so the parents break out the beach gear and proceed down to the beach a mere 50 yards away.  They set up beach chairs with large beach umbrellas that cast a good shade over the chairs.  The parents sit in the chairs while the kids run down to the water and begin splashing around.  Mom calls them back and puts some sunscreen on them, then lets them go romping in the water again.  There is a beach-front business that teaches windsurfing, and Brian asks if he can take some lessons.  His parents acquiesce and he takes off towards the surf shop with money in hand.  George, the father of the family, opts for reading a sci-fi paperback novel in the cool morning shade.  Tricia, the mother, lays out a large beach towel and lies down to work on her tan.  It just wouldn’t do to return to the UK from a beach resort with white skin, would it?  Her friends would chastise her mercilessly for missing such a “golden” opportunity (pun intended).

Swimming, windsurfing, tanning, and reading done, they decide to drive to some Greek and Roman ruins that are near the campsite.  They also pay a visit to a picturesque village about five miles from the campsite.  That takes up the whole morning.  Now it’s time to drop in on their friends.

After visiting with their friends for a few hours, they head back to their allotted camping spot and play some table games for a few hours.  Then they cook out again and spend some time toasting some marshmallows over the flame of the outside grill.  The dad plays a little guitar while the kids sing along.  As the evening wears on, bedtime arrives and they once again sleep outside in sleeping bags.

Day 3 

They awake to the sound of birds chirping and singing away.  The campsite offers a shuttle bus that runs back and forth between the campsite and the city of Barcelona, so the Thomson family decides to take the bus to Barcelona to do some sightseeing there.  Loving soccer, they go see a match where F.C. Barcelona plays against Manchester City.  They also visit the F.C. Barcelona Museum and buy some souvenirs in a shop next to it.  They return to the camp around 6:00 pm. 

At night there are many activities available on the campsite.  There’s a bar with a big terrace in front of an open stage where different sorts of shows are performed every night.  These shows may include rock bands, jugglers, revival bands, dance groups, and other entertainment arranged by the campsite.  The Thomsons have dinner and watch a few shows.  Then George, Tricia, and Karol watch some Chinese jugglers while Brian hangs out with some new friends he has made.  Later they all get back together and go down to the beach, which is well-lit at this time, and do some star-gazing for an hour or so, during which dad points out various constellations, such as Orion and the Big Dipper.

Brian is old enough to enter the Moby Dick Nightclub but not old enough to drink beer.  There are plenty of teenagers on the campsite, coming from a variety of European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Austria, Italy, and France.  Most of them speak English, so it is a clear example of English being a lingua franca.  There are several special parties being overseen by famous disc jockeys (DJs) who mix tracks of House and Techno music, galvanizing the teenagers to gyrate wildly and energetically on the dance floor.

Day 21 

After three weeks of a thoroughly enjoyable vacation, the Thomsons gather up everything in preparation for returning home. They are very satisfied with their stay in the campsite.  The weather was excellent, the facilities were in shipshape condition, the campsite staff were splendid, and there were so many different activities to enjoy.  After returning home, they post myriad pictures on their Facebook pages so all their friends can share in their vacation vicariously.  They soon debate about whether they want to repeat their campsite experience next year.  The kids are amenable to the idea, provided that they can get the same campsite lot near the beach and the restrooms!



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