Applying for a Driver’s License

Applying for a Driver’s License

Role Dialog
Narrator Wendy is a Chinese citizen who will be relocating to the state of Arkansas for one year on a work assignment. Consequently, she must apply for an Arkansas drivers license. She has just arrived at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office and entered the front door.
Receptionist Good afternoon, may I help you?
Wendy Yes, I’m a Chinese citizen, and I’ll be staying in Stuttgart, Arkansas, for one year on a work assignment. Can you tell me if I need to get an Arkansas drivers license?
Receptionist Hm, let me check. I haven’t come across this situation before. I think we allow you to drive with your valid foreign drivers license for a certain
period of time before you must apply for an Arkansas drivers license.  Yes, here it is. That period is six months, but since you’ll be staying here one year, you’ll need to get one sooner or later. Would you like to wait six months or get one now?
Wendy Since I’m here, I may as well try to get one now. What do I have to do?
Receptionist You’ll need two forms of identification (ID) passport and foreign
drivers license should do and you’ll need proof of car insurance. Do you have these?
Wendy Yes.
Receptionist Okay, then you’ll need to take an eye test and a written test. You can do those here.  Please take a number and well call you shortly.
Wendy Thank you.
Narrator Wendy takes #88 from a number-dispensing machine and sits in the waiting area for her number to be called.
Receptionist (announcement on a loud speaker
Now serving Number 88 at Window Number 3.
Narrator Wendy proceeds to Window #3 where there is an attendant waiting.
Window 3 Good afternoon, how may I help you?
Wendy  Yes, I’m a Chinese citizen, and Ill be staying in Stuttgart, Arkansas, for one year on a work assignment. I understand I’ll need to get an Arkansas drivers license during this time.
Window 3 Yes, that’s true, and we can help you with that. I’ll need two forms of ID.  Passport and your current drivers license should do.   I’ll also need to see proof of car insurance.
Wendy Okay, I have all of that. Here you go.
(attendant does all the necessary paperwork)
Window 3 Okay, next you need to take an eye exam.  Do you wear glasses or contacts?
Wendy No.
Window 3 Okay, step up to this vision-testing machine and look inside the viewer.  Be sure to press your forehead against the head rest.
Read the smallest line of text you can read.
Wendy Okay. Line 5:  A-E-K-6-W-O-P.
Window 3  Perfect. You can sit down again. (updates some paperwork with the eye exam results)  Okay, go over to one of those computerized testing kiosks, log in with your name and take the written driving test. It will be automatically
graded.  When you’re finished, come back here and see me.
Wendy Okay.
Narrator Wendy logs into a kiosk computer, takes the test and makes an 80%–a pass.  She returns to Window #3.
Wendy I finished the test. It said I passed.
Window 3 Okay, take this form to the photography station over there.
They’ll take your picture and give you your new Arkansas driver’s license.  Congratulations!
Narrator Wendy proceeds over to the photo station.
Photo Guy Hi. May I have your form, please. (looks it over) Would you like to be an organ donor?
Wendy Um, should I be?
Photo Guy It might save someones life if you should suddenly lose yours.
Wendy Well, that certainly sounds like a reasonable, humane thing to do.  Okay, organ donor it is!
Photo Guy Stand in front of that white background there, please.  (Wendy does so.)  Smile. (Photo Guy snaps a digital photograph with a camera machine) (a few minutes pass)  Okay, here’s your new drivers license.  Please check that all the information
is correct.
Wendy (looks it over)  Name, address, height, weight, hair color, eye color, date of birth, issue date, organ donor checked, Type D license — yes, it all looks good.
Photo Guy Okay. You’re done. Have a nice day.
Wendy Thanks! (Wendy leaves.)

There’s always paperwork!

Hurry up and wait in line.

Checking your eyesight.

Taking a written or computer test to make sure you know the “Rules of the Road”.

Taking a driving test with an evaluator riding with you in the passenger seat.

This is a typical-looking driver’s license.

I did it!  Yay!  I’m an adult now!

Joy.  Your first rush-hour traffic jam.

Uh oh.  Getting your first ticket from a traffic policeman.

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