Archive copy of my site training class.

In this one-hour Skype class, you will learn about our new website in detail, including the following topics:

  1. The Dashboard and associated menu bar
  2. The Home Page, including the “Read more” widget.
  3. The 10-Cent Tour and the YouTube Video (do these as pre-class preparation)
  4. The Main Menu bar, including how the “Browse All” links work
  5. Finding Things
    1. The Search Box
    2. Recent Posts
    3. Recent Comments
    4. The Tree of Knowledge
    5. The Tag Cloud
    6. The Category Cloud
  6. The Forums
  7. Leaving and Formatting Comments, including Receiving Email Notifications
  8. Updating Your Profile
  9. Creating Your First Blog (you should have done this within your first week on the site)
  10. Tools
    1. The dictionary
    2. Audio recorders
    3. The Glossary
    4. Telegram Chat (install before class)
  11. Question-and-Answer Period

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