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 Blog 1 – Introduction

I’m Gerard from LEWWWP. I’m glad to be here with T. LEE, Diana, Ivan, and all the lewwwpers who have joined us . I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I live in a small town named Figueres. This town is well known because it’s the birthplace of the famous painter Salvador Dalí. Due to that, there is a museum about his artwork. I’ve been studying English for more than 8 years taking advantage of the new technologies. My starting motivation was my job. I have to deal with customers from different European countries. I believe it’s not necessary residing in a English speaking country to achieve a high level of English. If we help each other by participating here, all of us will achieve a tremendous improvement.


  1. Thanks for posting your blog, Gerard!

    Grammar Tips

    1. because it is the birthplace
    2. taken advantage => taking advantage
    3. dwelling in a English speaking country => living in an Englishspeaking country
    4. help each other by participating here (by => method of helping)
    5. Please make "Blog 1" title style "Heading 1" for consistent appearance and separation if you make a second blog entry later.


    1. to dwell (very formal, scientific use) – We normally only use this word in "cave-dweller", referring to the "caveman days" many thousands of years ago before recorded history began.


    1. Thanks for your corrections T. Lee. With "dwell" I just wanted to use an alternative word to "live". Maybe "reside" would have been more appropriate. I’ll correct the mistakes you’ve kindly pinpointed.

    2. Speaking of dwell, what about a quote from Harry Potter? 

      It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. 

      I’m not quite familiar with the phrase “it does not do to dwell”, but I think I got the intended meaning. My interpretation is that it won’t do you any good if you are absorbed in your dreams and do not try to pursue them.

  2. Hi, Gerard. 

    First, I have known you as a polite student, and also a kind person. I myself always choose my friends  by three factors: 


    1. They are polite. 

    2. They are kind. 

    3. They are sincere. Please, you know that I had a friend who told me a lie once. I left him forever because I believe I cannot trust to my friend who tells me the lie.


    Thus I always choose my friends in accordance with these factors. Now, I am proud to have a good friend like you who has all above factors.   


    Second, about your opinion (it is not necessary living in an English speaking country to achieve a high level of English.):   


    I agree with you about English grammar, reading and so on, but I disagree with you about speaking and listening. I believe about myself, if I were in an English speaking country, I would learn them in the best way (it is only my opinion).


    I wish you all the best,

    1. Hi Bijan,

         Of course living in an English speaking country would give us the chance to improve faster, but nowadays, thanks to the new technologies, this is not indispensable.

  3. Gerard, I suggest you to have an empty line after a paragraph. It´s easier to read, and also more pleasant to read. (For example, after “artwork”, when you change the topic.

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