Book Club: “The Princess and the Puma” by O. Henry

Hello, dear Bookworms,

Today we are discussing a story of one of my favorite American writers O. Henry called “The Princess and the Puma”. You can also read this story here and enjoy the wonderful illustrations created by I.A. Williams.

Don’t forget to pick your reading circle role and get ready for our discussion.

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  1. Our zoom chat:
    9:18:23 From  Teacher Lee : A “cowboy fairy tale”
    19:19:06 From  Teacher Lee : Josefa
    19:19:23 From  Teacher Lee : King and queen
    19:19:34 From  Teacher Lee : metaphor
    19:21:25 From  Teacher Lee : Ripley Givens
    19:21:34 From  Teacher Lee : wanted to woo Josefa
    19:22:49 From  Diana Yarmolinska : Scorning a pencil, she could tell you out of her head what 1545 two-year-olds would bring on the hoof, at $8.50 per head.
    19:25:44 From  Diana Yarmolinska : When wealth became so irresistible and oppressive that upholstered chairs and a centre table were brought down from San Antone in the wagons, she bowed her smooth, dark head, and shared the fate of the Danaë.
    19:25:46 From  Teacher Lee : and shared the fate of the Danaë.
    19:30:07 From  Teacher Lee : Ripley’s first reaction?
    19:30:21 From  Teacher Lee : embarrassment
    19:30:42 From  Teacher Lee : then he tried to turn the embarrassment towards her and embarrass her.
    19:31:48 From  Teacher Lee : He was a brave soul
    19:31:54 From  Teacher Lee : She saved him
    19:32:04 From  Teacher Lee : easily
    19:32:13 From  Teacher Lee : foolish
    19:33:03 From  neuromantic : t
    19:33:44 From  Teacher Lee : He came out with such a detailed lie so smoothly
    19:33:50 From  Teacher Lee : like an experienced con man.
    19:34:06 From  Teacher Lee : He was trying to embarrass her…
    19:34:15 From  Teacher Lee : to get his forgiveness
    19:34:21 From  Teacher Lee : and seek comfort from him
    19:34:39 From  Teacher Lee : understanding and forgiving
    19:34:51 From  Teacher Lee : he’s defending her mistake
    19:34:59 From  Teacher Lee : Trying to be a “gentleman”
    19:35:24 From  Teacher Lee : He “thinks on his feet”.
    19:36:54 From  Teacher Lee : a smooth liar
    19:37:25 From  Teacher Lee : “the boy who cried wolf”
    19:37:37 From  Teacher Lee : pathological liar\

  2. 19:43:08 From  Teacher Lee : Like Josefa
    19:44:17 From  Teacher Lee : Josefa’s black eyes burned steadily upon him.  Ripley Givens met the test successfully.
    19:45:16 From  Teacher Lee : Slowly a red flush widened upon the dark olive face of the girl.  Was it the signal of shame of the true sportsman who has brought down ignoble quarry?  Her eyes grew softer, and the lowered lids drove away all their bright mockery.
    19:47:05 From  Teacher Lee : ignoble quarry = harmless pet19:47:45 From  Teacher Lee : Can women blush on demand?
    19:48:14 From  Teacher Lee : She played along with his scheme.
    19:48:38 From  Teacher Lee : Poor trusting female
    19:48:44 From  Teacher Lee : grateful to her white knight
    19:49:07 From  Teacher Lee : afraid of the darkness, and they held hands
    19:49:36 From  Teacher Lee : lion rampaging the land
    19:50:25 From  Teacher Lee : scar or wound
    19:50:49 From  Teacher Lee : He left suddenly, didn’t try to stay for a while.
    19:50:53 From  Teacher Lee : This surprised me.
    19:51:13 From  Teacher Lee : She probably has high standards, and he’s shown he a smooth liar.
    19:51:41 From  Diana Yarmolinska : Opposites attract
    19:52:22 From  Teacher Lee : Logical vs. emotional
    19:52:39 From  Teacher Lee : organized vs. disorganized
    19:53:36 From  Teacher Lee : Hollywood marriages…
    19:53:45 From  Teacher Lee : too similar may not work
    19:54:05 From  Teacher Lee : commonality
    19:54:47 From  Teacher Lee : obsessive-compulsive
    19:57:01 From  neuromantic : t
    19:57:02 From  Teacher Lee : No one blinked.
    19:58:50 From  Teacher Lee : Yes, there was even admiration in her gaze now.  After all, there was a hero rising out of the ruins of the anti-climax.  The look on Givens’s face would have secured him a high position in the S.P.C.A.”I always loved ’em,” said he; “horses, dogs, Mexican lions, cows, alligators—””I hate alligators,” instantly demurred Josefa; “crawly, muddy things!””Did I say alligators?” said Givens.  “I meant antelopes, of course.”


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