Car Accident – Fender Bender

Role Dialog
Narrator This scenario covers a fender-bender accident between Roza, who is driving a red car, and Karolin, who is driving a black car, and the typical post-accident process that is recommended by most insurance companies.
 Roza  (talking to herself) There’s Main Street up ahead. I need to make a right there, so I’d better get in the right lane.
 Karolin  (talking to herself) Look at that red  car — cut right in front of me!  I need to take a right at the light.  I’m running late for my hair appointment.  I hope that red car isn’t a slow poke, or he’ll slow me down.  (looking closer)  Oh, it’s a she. Well, she’ll  slow me down.
 Narrator Roza reaches the intersection and enters the curved right turn lane.  She sees the light change to red on the cross road and begins making her turn when she suddenly sees a white car entering the intersection at high speed.  She stops quickly to let him pass.  Suddenly, her car lurches forward as a black car behind her rear-ends her.  Bang!
Roza What the… Darn, I’ve been rear-ended.  I do not need this today.  Oh, well, now I have to pull off the road and deal with this mess.
Narrator Roza takes an immediate right and pulls into the parking lot of a Check-Credit store.  The black car that rear-ended her follows her into the parking lot and parks beside her.  After parking, both women exit their cars and walk to the back of the cars.
Karolin What kind of driver are you? Why did you stop so suddenly?
Roza Don’t jump on me, lady.  A speeder ran the red light just as I was pulling out, and I had to stop quickly, or else he would have hit me, and it would have been a lot worse than this little fender bender.  It’s your fault anyway.  If you hadn’t been tailgating me, you would have been able to stop in time.
 Karolin Well, I think it was your fault, but we can’t solve that problem here.  Let’s get this over with.  We need to exchange information.
Roza Agreed.  Here’s my insurance card and car registration; let me have yours.  My name’s Roza, by the way.
Karolin Mine’s Karolin.  Nice to meet you.  (she says with some sarcasm in her voice)
Narrator At about that time, a yellow car pulls into the parking lot.  The driver looks at them pointedly and then parks in a different row in the parking lot.  Then he just sits in the car, watching them.

They write down each other’s name; address; phone number; insurance company; insurance policy number; car make, model, year, color, and tag number.

 Karolin Okay, let’s see what the damage is.  Hm, looks like your car fared better than mine did.  Mine’s going to require a new bumper.  Yours can probably just be touched up and repainted.
 Roza Either way we both are going to be visiting body shops in the next few days.  Let’s take some pictures of the damage and the intersection.
Karolin Right.  Then we’ll need to call our insurance companies and let them know.
 Narrator The two parties use their cell phone cameras to snap some pictures of the damage, consult with their insurance company representatives, and are told that it sounds minor enough that a police report does not need to be filed.
Roza My agent told me we shouldn’t need to call the police to file a report.  What about yours?
Karolin Same here.  Otherwise, we’d have to dial 9-1-1 and wait for a policeman to get here and question us and take notes.  But you should learn how to drive.
Roza Me!  You’re the one who tail-ended me, and if I’m not mistaken, that automatically puts you at fault, no matter what the circumstances.
 Karolin Yeah?  Well, if you stop suddenly and for no reason, that puts you at fault.
 Roza I told you why I stopped so suddenly.
Karolin Well, of course.  You’d make up a story like that to cover your butt.
Narrator Seeing this argument about to heat up, the driver in the yellow car that pulled into the parking lot shortly after they did gets out of his car and walks over to the two women.  They look at him as he approaches them.
Gregor Hello, ladies.  I couldn’t help but notice that you two had a little fender bender a few minutes ago, so I pulled into this parking lot after you to see if I could help in any way.  I then noticed that you two were starting to argue, so I thought I’d better come over here and let you know that my dashcam caught the whole thing on camera.
Roza Oh, that’s great!  That should show Miss High and Mighty here that I’m telling the truth.
Karoline Oh, we’ll just see about that.  We’ll let the video speak for itself.  I think it’ll support my version of events.
Gregor I’ll have to upload the video to my YouTube channel. If you’ll give me your email addresses, I’ll email you my YouTube channel URL, and you can go there to watch the video.
  Narrator  Not having much choice, the two women give Gregor their email addresses so they can each get a copy of the video.  Then they all get in their cars and drive away.
Note: The video of the accident was uploaded here by Gregor, the good Samaritan:

Watch the video ONE time.  Then pretend you are an eyewitness, and I am a policeman who has just been called to the scene to file a police report at your request.  I have just asked you to tell me what you saw (from memory; can’t replay life).


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