“Catch-22” Chapter 3 “Havermeyer”

These are the notes made during our zoom meeting (March 3. 2017):

18:10:39 From Teacher Lee : Soldiers and sailors have a cynical outlook.
18:11:53 From Teacher Lee : disciplined but illogical environment
18:12:10 From Teacher Lee : Blind obedience
18:12:51 From Teacher Lee : No decisions, no stress
18:13:06 From Teacher Lee : Military life can be very simple.
18:13:36 From neuromantic : t
18:13:38 From Vasanth : t
18:14:18 From Teacher Lee : Havermeyer was dedicated and passionate — the mission is everything, even at the cost of his life.
18:14:56 From Teacher Lee : Yossarian just wanted to get his mission over with as quickly as possible without dying.
18:16:40 From Teacher Lee : Orr seemed to be obsessive-compulsive, as indicated by his dissembling and reassembling the faucet over and over again.
18:16:52 From Thein Lin Aung : Q
18:18:00 From Vasanth : A halucination?
18:26:36 From Vasanth : c
18:26:45 From Teacher Lee : Hungry Joe was burned out. He had completed his mission quota twice. He feared he would die before he was sent home. He had nightmares every night.
18:28:59 From Teacher Lee : Orr also liked to “torture” Yossarian by making him wonder why Orr did the things he did.
18:29:18 From Teacher Lee : PTSD = post-traumatic stress disorder
18:29:34 From Teacher Lee : Big problem in the USA.
18:30:03 From Teacher Lee : The first Rambo movie was similar to this. He could not adjust to civilian life.
18:31:11 From Vasanth : c
18:31:57 From Teacher Lee : Patriotism
18:32:13 From Teacher Lee : Civilians don’t respect the soldier’s sacrifice.
18:32:20 From Teacher Lee : No respect, no appreciation.
18:32:50 From Teacher Lee : In the news recently, Trump honored a Navy SEAL’s widow.
18:33:38 From Teacher Lee : standing ovation
18:34:08 From Vasanth : c
18:34:30 From Teacher Lee : American Snipe movie

18:38:31 From Vasanth : c
18:38:35 From Teacher Lee : Orr enjoys mental torture.
18:41:08 From Teacher Lee : Late one night…
18:41:18 From Diana Yarmolinska : Late one night, Havermeyer fired a shot at a mouse that brought Hungry Joe bolting out at him barefoot, ranting at the top of his screechy voice and emptying his own.45 into Havermeyer’s tent as he came charging down one side of the ditch and up the other and vanished all at once inside one of the slit trenches that had appeared like magic beside every tent the morning after Milo Minderbinder had bombed the squadron. It was just before dawn during the Great Big Siege of Bologna, when tongueless dead men peopled the night hours like living ghosts and Hungry Joe was half out of his mind because he had finished his missions again and was not scheduled to fly. Hungry Joe was babbling incoherently when they fished him out from the dank bottom of the slit trench, babbling of snakes, rats and spiders. The others flashed their searchlights down just to make sure. There was nothing inside but a few inches of stagnant rain water. “You see?” cried Havermeyer. “I told you. I told you he was crazy, didn’t I?”
18:43:21 From Teacher Lee : Milo Minderbinder bombed his own camp.
18:44:17 From Teacher Lee : mindbender
18:44:53 From Teacher Lee : We can search on a phrase.
18:44:59 From Teacher Lee : Sergeant Knight
18:45:55 From Teacher Lee : You’re unique!
18:46:17 From Diana Yarmolinska : “Men,” he began his address to the officers, measuring his pauses carefully. “You’re American officers. The officers of no other army in the world can make that statement. Think about it.” He waited a moment to permit them to think about it. “These people are your guests!” he shouted suddenly. “They’ve traveled over three thousand miles to entertain you. How are they going to feel if nobody wants to go out and watch them? What’s going to happen to their morale? Now, men, it’s no skin off my behind. But that girl that wants to play the accordion for you today is old enough to be a mother. How would you feel if your own mother traveled over three thousand miles to play the accordion for some troops that didn’t want to watch her? How is that kid whose mother that accordion player is old enough to be going to feel when he grows up and learns about it? We all know the answer to that one. Now, men, don’t misunderstand me. This is all voluntary, of course. I’d be the last colonel in the world to order you to go to t
18:46:36 From Teacher Lee : Sergeant Knight appeared to be calm and reasonable.
18:47:37 From Teacher Lee : You WILL go to this event and you WILL have a good time.
18:50:25 From Vasanth : t
18:50:35 From Ivan Korjavin : I will share a great accordeon joke in telegram later
18:50:39 From Teacher Lee : Doc Daneeka had no sympathy for Yossarian because the Doc had his own problems.
18:50:56 From Diana Yarmolinska : Doc Daneeka was Yossarian’s friend and would do just about nothing in his power to help him.
18:51:32 From Teacher Lee : infamous for his incompetency
18:52:13 From Teacher Lee : unsympathetic Doc
18:52:40 From Teacher Lee : Clones of Yorgen
18:53:01 From Vasanth : Yossarian decided not to utter another word. It would be futile. He knew Orr, and he knew there was not a chance in hell of finding out from him then why he had wanted big cheeks. It would do no more good to ask than it had done to ask him why that whore had kept beating him over the head with her shoe that morning in Rome in the cramped vestibule outside the open door of Nately’s whore’s kid sister’s room
18:53:46 From Teacher Lee : It would do no more good to ask than it had done to ask him why that whore had kept beating him over the head with her shoe that morning in Rome in the cramped vestibule outside the open door of Nately’s whore’s kid sister’s room.
18:54:48 From Teacher Lee : Nately’s whore’s kid sister’s room.
18:56:05 From Teacher Lee : His eyes moved toward the hunting knife that had been slung over the mosquito-net bar by the dead man the day he arrived. The knife hung beside the dead man’s empty leather gun holster, from which Havermeyer had stolen the gun.
18:56:13 From neuromantic : shim-sham-shimmying
18:57:32 From Teacher Lee : A pest is an insect or a “bother” or annoyance.
18:58:08 From Teacher Lee : to shimmy = to vibrate
18:58:32 From Teacher Lee : cellulite
18:59:08 From Vasanth : Sturm und Drang
18:59:32 From Teacher Lee : a bonanza = a jackpot
18:59:37 From Teacher Lee : a motherlode
18:59:53 From Teacher Lee : oxymoron
18:59:57 From Ivan Korjavin : oxymoron
19:01:02 From Jörgen Olsson : t
19:01:28 From Teacher Lee : edged along
19:01:32 From Teacher Lee : moved slowly
19:01:34 From Jörgen Olsson : pitched along
19:01:59 From Ivan Korjavin : There are a lot of good and new words exactly in that paragraph why you try to avoid
19:02:04 From Teacher Lee : to pitch a tent = to set it up
19:02:36 From Teacher Lee : General Peckem is all about show.
19:03:04 From Teacher Lee : mounting number of enlisted men and officers who found their way solemnly to Sergeant Towser several times a day to ask if the orders sending them home had come in. They were men who had finished their fifty missions.
19:04:14 From Teacher Lee : Now, men, it’s no skin off my behind.
19:04:40 From Teacher Lee : dumdum a bullet
19:06:01 From Teacher Lee : taut as a banjo string
19:06:28 From Teacher Lee : He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt,
19:06:38 From Teacher Lee : Do or die.
19:07:16 From Teacher Lee : sitting ducks…
19:07:45 From Teacher Lee : Diana will be gone two weeks.
19:07:56 From Teacher Lee : Do we want to continue in her absence?
19:08:01 From Ivan Korjavin : probably I will be gone too
19:08:24 From Teacher Lee : Yara

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  1. some vocabulary from the chapter:

    ·         guardedly – /cautiously/ in a careful way that does not show feelings or give much information

    ·         musette bag [mjuː’zet]- a small knapsack

    ·         to titter – to laugh quietly, especially in a nervous or embarrassed way

    ·         interminably –  in a way that lasts a very long time and is therefore boring or annoying;

    ·         tinker (with something) –  to make small changes to something in order to repair or improve it, especially in a way that may not be helpful;

    ·         strapping – (of people) big, tall and strong

    ·         dissipated  – enjoying activities that are harmful such as drinking too much alcohol

    ·         to billow = (of a sail, skirt, etc.) to fill with air and swell out

    ·         pennant – a long narrow pointed flag, for example one used on a ship to give signals

    ·         spry – (especially of older people) full of life and energy

    ·         suave /swɑːv/ – (especially of a man) confident, elegant and polite, sometimes in a way that does not seem sincere

    ·         prolix – (of writing, a speech, etc.) using too many words and therefore boring

    ·         flak – guns on the ground that are shooting at enemy aircraft; bullets from these guns

    ·         quarry – an animal or a person that is being hunted or followed

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