1. Zoom Chat part 1:
    19:04:31 From Teacher Lee : There were two phrases I didn’t even know: furgle, outside the pale (British)
    19:05:34 From Teacher Lee : Six tours as a bomber pilot
    19:05:56 From Vasanth : writing letters to home
    19:06:00 From Teacher Lee : Always expecting to go home
    19:06:26 From Teacher Lee : obsessed with naked women
    19:06:38 From Teacher Lee : liked to take pictures of them
    19:07:40 From Teacher Lee : Between tours, while waiting to go home, he has screening nightmares every night.
    19:07:58 From Teacher Lee : To stop this, he was given courier plane duty four days a week.
    19:08:14 From Teacher Lee : Once he begins a new tour, his screaming nightmares stop.
    19:09:19 From Teacher Lee : Catch-22: You must obey the orders of your superior.
    19:12:41 From Teacher Lee : Captain Flume feared Chief Halfoat would slit his throat in the middle of the night.
    19:12:58 From Teacher Lee : photography (fo TOG gruh fee)
    19:14:02 From Teacher Lee : process (PRAH sess)
    19:14:14 From Teacher Lee : Jorgen = Wordmaster
    19:14:50 From Teacher Lee : Vasanth = Passage Person
    19:15:08 From Vasanth : Hungry Joe ate voraciously, gnawed incessantly at the tips of his fingers, stammered, choked, itched, sweated, salivated, and sprang from spot to spot fanatically with an intricate black camera with which he was always trying to take pictures of naked girls. They never came out. He was always forgetting to put film in the camera or turn on lights or remove the cover from the lens opening. It wasn’t easy persuading naked girls to pose, but Hungry Joe had the knack.
    19:16:29 From Teacher Lee : to have the knack = to have a talent for
    19:17:27 From Teacher Lee : dinero = Spanish for dollars/money
    19:17:29 From Diana Yarmolinska : “Me big man,” he would shout. “Me big photographer from Life magazine. Big picture on heap big cover. Si, si, si! Hollywood star. Multi dinero. Multi divorces. Multi ficky-fick all day long.”
    19:18:24 From Teacher Lee : Many vocabulary words!
    19:18:48 From Teacher Lee : defiantly
    19:19:36 From Teacher Lee : to refuse to cooperate or obey
    19:20:06 From Jörgen Olsson : Huple thrust his jaw out defiantly [di’faientli] =trotsigt, utmanande, provocative, subversive(revolutionary) to let Hungry Joe know he couldn’t be pushed around and then did exactly as he had been told.
    19:20:37 From Teacher Lee : provocative = aggressive
    19:21:09 From Teacher Lee : voracious – nungry, devouring
    19:21:19 From Teacher Lee : greedy
    19:21:47 From Teacher Lee : hungry
    19:22:03 From Teacher Lee : voracious = difficult to satisfy
    19:22:28 From Diana Yarmolinska : calamity
    19:22:46 From Teacher Lee : cajolery
    19:22:50 From neuromantic : wily
    19:22:55 From Teacher Lee : to cajole (kuh JOLE)
    19:22:57 From Vasanth : jokingly?
    19:23:13 From Teacher Lee : cunning persuasion
    19:23:23 From Teacher Lee : frenzied
    19:23:44 From Teacher Lee : wildly excited or uncontrolled
    19:23:51 From Teacher Lee : feeding frenzy
    19:25:00 From Teacher Lee : venomously
    19:25:06 From Teacher Lee : venom = snake poision
    19:25:10 From Teacher Lee : poison
    19:25:21 From Teacher Lee : venomous = malicious
    19:25:36 From Teacher Lee : malevolent
    19:25:57 From Jörgen Olsson : He began hating Sergeant Towser, focusing all blame upon him venomously[‘venom.os.li]=giftigt?, even though he knew Sergeant Towser had nothing to do with the arrival of Colonel Cathcart or the delay in the processing of shipping orders that might have rescued him seven days earlier and five times since.
    19:26:20 From Teacher Lee : VEN uh mus lee
    19:26:39 From Teacher Lee : venomously = bitterly, viciously
    19:26:57 From Teacher Lee : hatefully
    19:27:57 From Teacher Lee : seven days earlier and five times since.
    19:28:10 From Teacher Lee : stickler
    19:28:16 From Teacher Lee : sticks to the rules
    19:28:59 From Diana Yarmolinska : The nightmares appeared to Hungry Joe with celestial punctuality every single night he spent in the squadron throughout the whole harrowing ordeal when he was not flying combat missions and was waiting once again for the orders sending him home that never came. Impressionable men in the squadron like Dobbs and Captain Flume were so deeply disturbed by Hungry Joe’s shrieking nightmares that they would begin to have shrieking nightmares of their own, and the piercing obscenities they flung into the air every night from their separate places in the squadron rang against each other in the darkness romantically like the mating calls of songbirds with filthy minds. Colonel Korn acted decisively to arrest what seemed to him to be the beginning of an unwholesome trend in Major Major’s squadron. The solution he provided was to have Hungry Joe fly the courier ship once a week, removing him from the squadron for four nights, and the remedy, like all Colonel Korn’s remedies, was successful.
    19:29:07 From Teacher Lee : stickler has a bad connotation
    19:30:23 From Teacher Lee : decisive (de SICE ive)
    19:30:53 From Teacher Lee : courier = delivers mail
    19:31:27 From Teacher Lee : remedy = cure
    19:31:29 From Teacher Lee : or fix
    19:31:39 From Teacher Lee : or solution
    19:31:39 From Vasanth : shriek?
    19:31:50 From Teacher Lee : to shriek = to scream
    19:31:59 From Teacher Lee : high-pitch sound
    19:32:01 From Vasanth : like chirp
    19:32:49 From Teacher Lee : piercing = loud => stabbing your ears
    19:33:06 From Teacher Lee : harrowing = scary
    19:33:17 From Teacher Lee : distressing
    19:33:41 From Teacher Lee : celestial punctuality
    19:34:11 From Teacher Lee : sky
    19:34:41 From Teacher Lee : extemely punctual
    19:34:51 From Vasanth : 365 days of rotation
    19:35:31 From Teacher Lee : preventive measure
    19:35:39 From Teacher Lee : preemptive strike

  2. Zoom chat part 2:

    19:37:23 From Vasanth : Every time Colonel Cathcart increased the number of missions and returned Hungry Joe to combat duty, the nightmares stopped and Hungry Joe settled down into a normal state of terror with a smile of relief. Yossarian read Hungry Joe’s shrunken face like a headline. It was good when Hungry Joe looked bad and terrible when Hungry Joe looked good.
    19:38:24 From Teacher Lee : She is very attentive to our chat.
    19:39:05 From Diana Yarmolinska : Colonel Cathcart had courage and never hesitated to volunteer his men for any target available. No target was too dangerous for his group to attack, just as no shot was too difficult for Appleby to handle on the ping-pong table. Appleby was a good pilot and a superhuman ping-pong player with flies in his eyes who never lost a point. Twenty-one serves were all it ever took for Appleby to disgrace another opponent. His prowess on the ping-pong table was legendary, and Appleby won every game he started until the night Orr got tipsy on gin and juice and smashed open Appleby’s forehead with his paddle after Appleby had smashed back each of Orr’s first five serves. Orr leaped on top of the table after hurling his paddle and came sailing off the other end in a running broad jump with both feet planted squarely in Appleby’s face. Pandemonium broke loose. It took almost a full minute for Appleby to disentangle himself from Orr’s flailing arms and legs and grope his way to his feet, with Orr held off the ground before
    19:41:01 From Diana Yarmolinska : Pandemonium broke loose. It took almost a full minute for Appleby to disentangle himself from Orr’s flailing arms and legs and grope his way to his feet, with Orr held off the ground before him by the shirt front in one hand and his other arm drawn back in a fist to smite him dead, and at that moment Yossarian stepped forward and took Orr away from him. It was a night of surprises for Appleby, who was as large as Yossarian and as strong and who swung at Yossarian as hard as he could with a punch that flooded Chief White Halfoat with such joyous excitement that he turned and busted Colonel Moodus in the nose with a punch that filled General Dreedle with such mellow gratification that he had Colonel Cathcart throw the chaplain out of the officers’ club and ordered Chief White Halfoat moved into Doc Daneeka’s tent, where he could be under a doctor’s care twenty-four hours a day and be kept in good enough physical condition to bust Colonel Moodus in the nose again whenever General Dreedle wanted him to.
    19:42:12 From Teacher Lee : grope (gro /p/), drawn, Appleby (bee), stepped (/d/)
    19:42:17 From Teacher Lee : turned (/d/)
    19:42:59 From Teacher Lee : doc (dock), general (jeneral)
    19:43:27 From Diana Yarmolinska : Sometimes General Dreedle made special trips down from Wing Headquarters with Colonel Moodus and his nurse just to have Chief White Halfoat bust his son-in-law in the nose.
    19:44:05 From Teacher Lee : Pandemonium breaks out or erupts
    19:44:10 From neuromantic : the word grope makes me think with Trump
    19:44:22 From Teacher Lee : pan = all, demons
    19:45:17 From Teacher Lee : to entangle/distentangle
    19:46:46 From Teacher Lee : a busted lip, a fat lip
    19:47:19 From Teacher Lee : No target was too dangerous No shot was too difficult (common pattern)
    19:48:21 From Teacher Lee : We hit someone IN the nose. (don’t know why)
    19:48:33 From Vasanth : Threatening to do so was merely his idea of a joke, like dying of pneumonia, busting Colonel Moodus in the nose or challenging Doc Daneeka to Indian wrestle. All Chief White Halfoat wanted to do when he staggered in drunk each night was go right to sleep, and Hungry Joe often made that impossible. Hungry Joe’s nightmares gave Chief White Halfoat the heebie-jeebies, and he often wished that someone would tiptoe into Hungry Joe’s tent, lift Huple’s cat off his face and slit his throat open for him from ear to ear, so that everybody in the squadron but Captain Flume could get a good night’s sleep.
    19:50:30 From Ivan Korjavin : heebie-jeebies
    19:50:36 From Teacher Lee : jitters
    19:50:40 From Vasanth : stagger
    19:50:54 From Teacher Lee : to give someone the heebie-jeebies
    19:51:15 From Teacher Lee : to make someone feel afraid and nervous
    19:51:36 From Vasanth : throwing a fake snake on someone and making him heebie-jeebies
    19:51:42 From Teacher Lee : to walk in an unstable manner – to stagger
    19:52:22 From Teacher Lee : to tiptoe
    19:52:33 From Teacher Lee : to walk very quietly
    19:52:40 From Teacher Lee : like a ballet dancer
    19:52:50 From Teacher Lee : walk on your tiptoes
    19:52:58 From Vasanth : like a cat walk…
    19:53:26 From Teacher Lee : “his idea of a joke’
    19:53:56 From Diana Yarmolinska : beyond the pale
    19:54:06 From Teacher Lee : beyond the pale = outside acceptable boundaries of behavior
    19:54:46 From Teacher Lee : to furgle
    19:55:06 From Teacher Lee : He had it made.
    19:55:27 From Teacher Lee : to be in the middle of success
    19:55:34 From Teacher Lee : to have achieved your dream
    19:56:02 From Teacher Lee : He was all set.
    19:56:04 From Ivan Korjavin : furgle ? no typo here?
    19:56:17 From Teacher Lee : He was very prepared; he was where he wanted to be.
    19:56:39 From Teacher Lee : to back someone up
    19:56:50 From Teacher Lee : to support
    19:56:58 From neuromantic : furgle = f**k
    19:56:59 From Teacher Lee : to scream his brains out
    19:57:07 From Teacher Lee : to scream your lungs out
    19:57:22 From Teacher Lee : fifty gran
    19:57:26 From Teacher Lee : fifty grand
    19:57:30 From Teacher Lee : 50000
    19:57:45 From Teacher Lee : he was knocking down fifty grand
    19:57:51 From Teacher Lee : earning/making
    19:58:10 From Teacher Lee : to be pushed around
    19:58:24 From Teacher Lee : to be bullied, to be ordered around
    19:58:30 From Teacher Lee : emaciated
    19:58:37 From Teacher Lee : very thin due to hunger
    19:59:03 From Teacher Lee : you can see their bones
    19:59:09 From neuromantic : whisked
    19:59:21 From Teacher Lee : cratered face
    20:00:03 From Teacher Lee : subcutaneous – under the skin
    20:00:42 From Teacher Lee : cuticles = the skin around your fingernails
    20:00:43 From Teacher Lee : chips
    20:01:21 From Teacher Lee : idolatry
    20:01:27 From Teacher Lee : worshiping an idol
    20:01:53 From Teacher Lee : to rectify = to make right or correct
    20:02:05 From Teacher Lee : to make a wisecrack
    20:02:13 From Teacher Lee : joke or witty remark
    20:02:32 From Diana Yarmolinska : whisk
    20:02:50 From Teacher Lee : to wisk away
    20:03:03 From Teacher Lee : to whisk away = to take them away quickly
    20:03:08 From Teacher Lee : whisk broom
    20:03:19 From Jörgen Olsson : boisterous
    20:03:53 From Teacher Lee : inebriated
    20:04:00 From Diana Yarmolinska : egg whisk
    20:04:05 From Teacher Lee : an egg whisk

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