Old New Year

On the night to Jan 14 we have the celebration Old New Year in Russia. How New Year can be old? It’s simple if you are in Russia. The trick is that before 1918 in Russia we had Gregorian calendar, which differ from Julian calendar. It shifted by two weeks.


Once I wrote about Russian banya, it’s the most popular type of saunas in my place but it’s not the only one. Other popular types are Finish sauna and Hammam. Hammam origin is Turkish or Arabic. I never visited a hammam in those countries so it might be that I


Russian climate isn’t good enough for gardening. We have a few warm zones, but in general we are pretty Northern Country.  Many regions are not suitable for agriculture at all, the rest we call “risky for agricultural”. Risky means you can’t predict the harvest. Sometimes it’s good but often it

Hidden threat

Happily, we don’t have too many menacing animals in our place. There are no poisoned scorpions, blood-thirsty crocodiles, no noiseless panthers and even birds are peaceful. The only candidates to scare people are wolves, bears, and tigers. Most of them are tired of Russians and that’s why they avoid calm

Movie posters

We have a lot of cinemas in my town, and in Russia in general. Сinematography used to be extremely popular art here since USSR. I’ve heard that all the old movies were really profitable because hundred million people went to cinemas to watch them. Now with DVD, tv, the internet,