Relative Clauses Mini-Course

 Introduction to Relative  Clauses – Who/that/which  Introduction to Relative Clauses – Whose  Relative Clauses – Subject-Object Pronouns – Where/when/why  Relative Clauses – Who or Whom  Prepositions in Relative Clauses  Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses  Shortening Relative Clauses  Quantifiers with Relative Clauses

Passive Voice Mini-Course

 Introducing Passive Voice  Passive Voice with Agent  Passive Voice with New Information  Passive Voice to Describe a Process  Passive vs. Active Voice  Passive with Various Tenses  Passive with Two Object Verbs  Passive Consolidation of Previous Lessons  Passive with Object Complement  Passive Choosing between Get and Be

Sentence Writing – Step 7 (Adverb Clauses)

Introduction Do you remember “Sentence Writing – Step 4 (Compound and Complex Sentences) when we learned about subordinating conjunctions?  Guess what?  Clauses that begin with subordinating conjunctions are adverb clauses. What Are Adverb Clauses? An adverb clause is a group of words that function as an adverb. The clause can