English Challenge 30

I.   Article – What to Do When You Have a Bad Boss / Excerpt



1. Yes, it is quite common.  56% of American workers claim their boss is mean.  75% say their boss is the most stressful part of their workday.
2. Employees end up working longer with mean bosses than kind ones.
3. One in two employees have left their job.
4. Compare your responses to the bullet list in Paragraph 2.
5. People often endure unpleasant jobs because they don’t have the energy to look for and line up another job or to envision a more positive experience to justify quitting.
6. People tend to stay with an unpleasant job because they have already invested so much in a job to get where they are today, in regards to salary, status, stability, seniority, social connections, job experience, and other benefits, such as accumulated vacation.
7. People tend to stay with an unpleasant job because they are passionate or emotionally attached to their work and find value in it.
8. Staying in an unpleasant job may actually be detrimental to your health because working for a toxic boss makes you more prone to heart attack, stroke, and other life-threatening diseases.  You are also susceptible to chronic stress, depression, and anxiety.  Finally, after leaving a job, it will take up to 22 months to recover physically and emotionally from a toxic boss.

Grammar Analysis

1. preposition
2. An example:  Bob loves his girlfriend a lot; he will probably end up marrying her.
3. To improve, to get well.
4. A pay cut is a reduction in salary.  Changing jobs may force you to take a lower salary.
5. TO start again, to start afresh.
6. It means to “boil down to”, to be condensed into a final small result or summary
7. To arrange in advance, to prepare for
8. To surrender, to accept that you must do without some desirable condition or benefit
9. The “that” is being used to introduce subordinate noun clauses.
10. Which = chronic stress, depression, and anxiety
11. An example:  Many countries support the idea of helping homeless people.

II.  Grammar – English Punctuation Rules / Handout / Quiz-1 / Quiz-2

III. Song – Fancy / Excerpt /


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