English Challenge 32

I.   Article

What Do Babies Think?

Excerpt – Read and Record


II.  Grammar

Verb Tenses of Active Voice



Page 3:  1. drives; 2. drove; 3.will drive; 4. have driven; 5. had driven; 6. we will have driven

Page 5:  1. is  driving; 2. was driving; 3. will be driving; 4. have been driving; 5. had been driving; 6. will have been driving; 7. am going to drive; 8. Have you ever been driving; 9. will be driving

answer using the same tense.
1. Did you get enough sleep last night?  Yes, I slept well, thank you. (to sleep)
2. Do you shower every day?  Yes, I shower every day.
3. Are you going to study tonight?  Yes, I’m going to study tonight.
4. What were you doing when I called you last night?  I was eating dinner when you called me last night. (to eat)
5. What are you doing right now?  I’m practicing verb tenses right now. (to practice)
6. What will you be doing at midnight on New Year’s Eve?  I will be celebrating the New Year with my friends. (to celebrate)
7. Had you ever tried skiing before today?  Yes, I had tried skiing several times before today.
8. Have you ever broken the law?  No, I have never broken the law. (never)
9. Will you have gotten married by the time you turn 30?  No, I will not have gotten married by the time I turn 30.
10. How long had you been smoking before you quit?  I had been smoking for two years before I quit.
11. How long have you been waiting for the bus?  I have been waiting for the bus for 20 minutes so far.
12. How long will you have been working before you retire?  I will have been working for 30 years before I retire.

III. Song

Opposites Attract

Story and Lyrics – Read and Record


1. It has used this phrase to refer to a couple where the two parties have opposite habits, tastes, and personalities.  They are unlike each other almost in everything.  Yet they are attracted to each other, in this song anyway.
2. Here are some ways in which they are “opposites”:
a. She likes TV, he likes movies.
b. She takes things seriously, he takes them light.
c. She moves slowly, he moves fast.
d. She doesn’t like cigarettes, he likes to smoke.
e. She goes to bed early, he parties all the night.
3. Your own answer here.
4. It would be either when he pinned her down on the couch as if to kiss her or when they are on the steps and he uses his tail to lift up her skirt.


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