English Challenge 39 (ITELS)

l.    Speaking (Impromptu)

This week’s topic: hometown

Reference: speaking text

  1. Consult the reference link above.
  2. Read the sample answer for ideas, phrases, and vocabulary to use in your own answer.
  3. Record a 2-minutes speech about the topic using the questions as a general guide as to what you should include in your speech.  post your recording in our Telegram group.
  4. Teacher Lee will listen to and critique your recording.

ll.    Reading (and Recording)

This week’s assignment: Mission to the moon

lll.    Grammar/Writing

This week’s assignment:  The present perfect- contractions

Reference: grammar’s text


  1. Consult the reference link above.
  2. Read the assignment in its entirety.  This chapter should be easy knowledge.
  3. Ask Teacher Lee questions in our Telegram group about anything is not clear.

lV.    Song

This week’s song: I Will Survive

Reference: written Lesson / YouTube Video



  1. Read the written lesson and watch the YouTube video.
  2. Read and record the song’s story.
  3. Read and record the song’s lyrics.  (optionally, you may sing it)

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