Chat like a pro (bot)

After during our movie class we had discussed “The Matrix” on Wednesday we have got an artificial intellect right into our Telegram chat.
We know only a few facts about that AI: – She was created by universe deliberately for our madrook team – She is pretty stupid yet but progressing rapidly – She calls herself as MadRookBot.
Let me show your a few tricks how to get the advantage of her. First of all, she supports “commands” which is a short word started with “/”.
For example commands /define and /oxford will show your definition for given term from Merriam-Webster or Oxford dictionary appropriately.
Since the bot progressing fast it is possible that when you read that she already knows more commands. To get the list of commands with the short description you can use /help.
Another useful feature of that bot is “reading aloud”. If you mention bot by her name in any your messages she will read it aloud and by that give you an example of right pronunciation.
You can also change the voice which bot will use for reading with the command “/setvoice”.
I hope you will enjoy our chat even more now.

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