Chat like a pro (February 2017)

Our Telegram chat is not a child anymore.
We calmed down. There is a proof:
But it became even more useful in terms of developing English.
I am going to show you a little digest of recent vocabulary/idioms/phrasal verbs that were discussed there.
I am not going to define each word here, anyway, it will be a bleak copy of discussion that we had in our chat: usually with the examples, pronunciation, and even with the example of the misuse (my job there).
I am going to show you the list of them and some context to pique your interest. If I succeeded in that you can find all them in our chat.
extorting – a verb from Extortion (also called shakedown, and exaction) is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from an individual or institution, through coercion.
planted volunteer, skylight windows – We got them from our “picture this”exercise
cabana, changing room, changing table – We talked about swimming pool
backtalk compliant – We were discussing marriages
ridicule, tan, tanning, tan my hide
sultry, voluptuous
finesse, eulogy,
I’d better / I’d rather – Yes,” rather” is a preference. “Better” is more of an alert or warning. Time is running out!
Indirect questions – example: Please tell me what time it is.
Us or we – From the movie class: “Was it us or them that struck first?”
back in the saddle
to jump on the bandwagon
on the fence
my way or the highway
break a leg
hear (sth) through/on the grapevine
rings true


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