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  1. Ben Shockley is assigned the task to bring a shapely prostitute, Gus Molly from Las Vegas to Phoenix. He was chosen because he is expendable and unreliable. He is also well on his way to becoming a redelict. His bosses has been bought off. There is a wagering on their trip (safe arrival or not). The odds are 50-to-1. She is supposed to testify in a mob trial. They are getting chased both by maffia and Police. They are fired at on several occations. One time they shot so many bullets that the cathouse collapsed. The betting line against Mally testifying begins to climb after the attacks.

    They force a police man to drive his car to Phoenix. They are getting stranded in the middle of the desert, when som hogs stops close to them. Ben acts boldly and scare them away by saying: -“I will bust you all”, and they steal a hog so they can move on. A helicopter chasing them but crashes into some electrical poles. When Molly hear the odds is 100 to 1 she bets all their money, $5000. They later hi-jack a bus and armor it with a piece of tin, preparing to run the gauntlet…

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