Family Dinner Dialog

One student asked for a family dialog. Here it is.

Role Dialog
Narrator In this scenario the players are Mom, Dad, Tasha (16 years old), and Nikky (19 years old). Tasha is in the 10th grade in high school and is about to get her driver’s license. Nikky is a freshman in a local college. The family has just sat down to eat dinner together. It is a Friday evening at 7:00 pm.
Mom Okay, let’s eat before our food gets cold.
Dad Tasha, pass the mashed potatoes, please.
Tasha Here you go, Dad.
(passes the bowl of mashed potatoes across the table to Dad)
Nikky Dad, did you hear the news? There was another school shooting yesterday.
Dad Another one? Our society continues to go downhill. That’s too depressing to discuss at dinnertime. Let’s talk about something else. Tasha, tell us about your day at school.
Tasha Same ol’, same ol’, Dad. Nothing new.
Nikky These days, we say ‘Same sh–, different day’ or ‘SSDD’, sis’.
Dad Nikolai, no profanity at the dinner table, please.
Nikky Sorry, Dad.
Dad Tash, something must have happened at school today that was noteworthy or at least different from yesterday.
Tasha Well, there was this one scandal about a male gym teacher inappropriately fondling a female student, but that happens every few months, so I didn’t consider that remarkable.
Dad Er, uh, okay, let’s talk about getting your driver’s license. Are you excited that your driving test is scheduled for Monday?
Tasha Yes! Finally, I can drive myself where I want when I want, and I don’t have to hear you bi-, er, complain about having to drive me around everywhere.
Dad Yes, well, there is that. Once you get your driver’s license, then we’ll start looking into buying you a car. Do you have any particular model of car in mind that you’d like to get?
Tasha Yep! I like the Ford Focus! It’s small and easy to drive around and park, yet it’s big enough for my simple needs.
Nikky That car will be too small when it’s time for you to pack up your stuff and move away to college, sis’.
Tasha Hm, you’re probably right, bro’, but I still like the Focus anyway. No need to let common sense get in the way of my plans.
Mom What about you, Nick? Anything new at college?
Nikky Nah, SSDD, er, I mean same ol’, same ol’.
Dad Ahem. (clears his throat in a subtle warning tone)
Dad Well, maybe I should tell you what happened at the nuclear plant today. We almost had a nuclear meltdown! The world as we know it almost ended! (his face has a look of mild humor on it)
Tasha Dad, pleeeeease. (she rolls her eyes)
Nikky That’s okay, Dad. You can save that story for tomorrow.
Mom Eat your roast beef, dear. It’s getting cold.
Dad Okay, okay. I can take a hintSheesh! Dinnertime conversation’s not what it used to be(Dad laments as he stuffs his mouth full of cold mashed potatoes.)

Questions for the students to answer:

  1. Is the family eating a hot meal or cold sandwiches?
  2. What does “go downhill” mean?
  3. What does “same ol’, same ol’ ” mean? (And what word does ol’ represent?)
  4. Why is Tasha excited about getting her own car to drive?
  5. Can you name three examples of scandals you have heard about?
  6. Does Tasha plan on going to college after graduating from high school?
  7. What does “I can take a hint” mean?
  8. What does “is not what it used to be” mean?
  9. What does “sheesh” mean?
  10. What does “get in the way” mean?
  11. What does “rolls her eyes” mean?

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