Foreign Language?

Is English really a foreign language for us? I don’t think so at least for those who are living in India. We start learning English as a subject from at an age of 5. So what was the reason for not writing and speaking well even after studying English for a decade. After some introspect, I find out that I study English as a subject, not as a language.

Now, I understand that in order to write and speak well, I need to take to do some things different that than the orthodox method, which I was following till some time ago. I though learning some “cool” vocabulary like the meaning of some sophisticated word would help me to enhance my English skills. But, I was wrong. Learning vocabulary is good only if you have a decent command over the language, otherwise, it’s not going to help. Why I said this. Let’s see

We cannot use the meaning of new vocabulary in the sentence just by learning the meaning from the internet, we need to learn in the context. Otherwise, you are not able to use.

Second thing, which I learned in the journey of learning English is that in order to speak fluently, we should also think in English. Now to tell you the truth, It helps me somewhat; I have not tried talking in English much but still, I feel some changes.

Guys, I need your help. I need somebody who can practice English speaking with me. I don’t have any friends right now who can talk to me for practice.  Some are good English speaker but you know they are busy with the work. So If anyone has interest. Do message me on my WhatsApp number which is 8860679120. I prefer Whatsapp over Skype because it consumes less data. Sometimes we can talk over Skype also.



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