Some Funny English Words. Woo hoo!

Some funny English words I met on my way to the forum:
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Boo hoo
Juju (mojo)
Poo poo
Woo hoo
Woo woo
Yoo hoo
mistake or small injury (child’s word)
interjection used to express the sound of pretend crying
excrement, #2, poo poo, s–t
magic, supernatural power
excrement, #2, do-do, s–t
ballet dancer’s small waist “skirt”
black magic, evil magic
interjection used to express joy
sound of a train whistle blowing
interjection used to get someone’s attention
indication of mediocrity

A dad and his 5-year old son were playing outside in their front yard.  The wife stepped outside and shouted, “Yoo hoo!  Honey, dinner in 10 minutes!”  The father acknowledged her with a nod of his head.  At that point the boy fell down and skinned his elbow, causing it to bleed a small amount.  The dad saw that his son has just made a boo-boo (mistake).  The boy looked at him and was rubbing his little fists in his eyes to clear the tears away, the perfect imitation of the “boo-hoo” gesture.  The dad then began dancing around like a ballet dancer, holding his arms down by his side with his fingers extended outward perpendicular from his body, simulating a ballet dancer’s tutu.  He stopped his crazy antics when he happened to step in some dog do-do that some dog had pooped in his yard.  His face made a dismayed YUCK look, then he looked at his son and smiled.

The boy saw this coo-coo behavior and laughed, forgetting all about his boo-boo (small injury) on his elbow.  Then the father started walking around strangely going “woo woooooooo“.  The boy ran over behind his dad and put his hands on his dad’s hips and began moving in rhythm with his dad’s swaying hips, pretending they were a two-car choo-choo train.

After a couple of minutes of this strange juju, the dad told his son to go poo-poo and wash his hands to prepare for dinner.  Otherwise, Mom might use voodoo on them to make them obey her.  When they sat down to dinner, the dad saw that it was his and his son’s favorite meal — hamburgers and fries.  “Woo hoo!” he shouted with glee.  Then he and his son high-fived each other.


The Locomotion”   (a dance that simulates the chug-a-chug-a motion of a train).


Everybody’s doing a brand-new dance, now
(Come on baby, do the Loco-motion)
I know you’ll get to like it if you give it a chance now
(Come on baby, do the Loco-motion)
My little baby sister can do it with ease
It’s easier than learning your A-B-C’s
So come on, come on, do the Loco-motion with me
You gotta swing your hips, now
Come on, baby
Jump up
Jump back
Well, now, I think you’ve got the knack
Wow, wow
Now that you can do it, let’s make a chain, now  (human “chain” of people)
(Come on baby, do the Loco-motion)
A chug-a chug-a motion like a railroad train, now
(Come on baby, do the Loco-motion)
Do it nice and easy, now, don’t lose control
A little bit of rhythm and a lot of soul
Come on, come on
Do the Loco-motion with me
Move around the floor in a Loco-motion
(Come on baby, do the Loco-motion)
Do it holding hands if you get the notion
(Come on baby, do the Loco-motion)
There’s never been a dance that’s so easy to do
It even makes you happy when you’re feeling blue
So come on, come on, do the Loco-motion with me
You gotta swing your hips, now
(Come one)
That’s right (do the Loco-motion)
You’re doing fine!
(Come one, do the Loco-motion)
Come on, babe
(Come one, do the Loco-motion)
Hm-hm-hm, jump up
(Come one)
Jump back (do the Loco-motion)
You’re looking good
(Come one, do the Loco-motion)
Hm-hm-hm, jump up
(Come one)
Jump back (do the Loco-motion)



  1. Yes, Teacher Lee, funny English words, a nice story illustrating the use of those words and a nice song. I remember the song, but I’ve never seen that dance. But I get the knack now.  🙂


  2. Thank you, Teacher Lee.

    You’ve combined these words into a story like a garland in an overnight.

    I had a trouble to remember those funny words. Now, this short story helps me to remember which word is for which action.  🙂

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