God’s own country

As I told my fellow Madrookers, My friends and I went for a trip a month ago. The first day we covered the usual tourist places like a botanical garden, echo point, museums, tea estates.

On the next day, we decided to explore something uninhabited. So we asked the driver if any such places available nearby. He said yes and brought us to that place.

That place located at the peak of a mountain and the state government placed some windmills there. Because usually, there would be a vigorous wind. Before we get there, the driver warned me that being a thin/skinny guy in that group, I wouldn’t stand up to that vigorous wind.

But luckily, there was no wind on that day. We could go to the tip of the edge and could see my state’s top view. One of my friends did a Facebook live from that deadly edge. That slope was slippery due to the small grovel-like stones and we had to be careful. One of my friends got scared and stepped back due to the fear of falling. You can see him returning in the below pic.

After spending some time there, we moved to another peak where we got to see an Elephant’s dung. Our driver said that the Elephant must have visited the place on the previous night. We could see his footmarks and it even crushed an empty beer bottle which some human left behind.

We were expecting him to come again. Thankfully, he didn’t come back while we were there. 🙂


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