Grammar Test #1 (courtesy of Leyla)

Let’s assess your knowledge of verb tenses.  Select the correct answer to each question.

1) A Famous writer once _____ : “There _____ three rules for writing a novel.  Read my book and understand please.”
a) says / are
b) said / are
c) has said / were
d) is saying / has been

2) Foreign language teaching, as distinct from ESL , _____ always _____ its specific problems.
a) is / having
b) are / having
c) has / had
d) has / been having
e) had / been having

3) A few years ago I _____ a daily journal in which I _____ all my interactions in the classroom.
a) was starting / have been recording
b) started / am recording
c) have started / had recorded
d) had started / recorded
e) started / recorded

4) Ever since the Beatles first _____ to fame in the sixties, Liverpool _____ a leader in popular music.
a) was rising / was
b) rises / is
c) had risen / had been
d) will rise / is
e) rose / has been

5) The Walker Art Gallery _____ the largest collection of paintings outside London, while The Tate Liverpool Gallery _____ a national collection of the 20 th century art.
a) had / is holding
b) was having / was holding
c) had had / has been holding
d) has / holds
e) will have / held

6) The medical school, which _____ in 1867, _____ into University College as the Faculty of Medicine in 1884.
a) was established / was incorporated
b) will be established / is incorporated
c) is established / is incorporated
d) has been established / has incorporated
e) had been established / has been incorporated

7) By the end of this year, Paul _____ French for three years but he will still need more training and experience before he _____ the language.
a) will have been studying / masters
b) will be studying / is mastering
c) has studied / mastered
d) has studied / will master
e) has been studying / has mastered


  1. Hello dear Marwa,

    Thanks for your answers and here is my comment:

    Your answers,except 2 and 3, are correct. As for your answer 2, let’s see the correct answer: The correct answer is C.

    “Verbs of Possession: have, own, want, belong, need, possess, own, owe, include, involve..”


    And for more information:

    And as for question 3, the correct answer is E.

    Ago is used with Verb2.

    I met dear Lee a long time ago.

    All the best and good luck Marwa.

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