Russian climate isn’t good enough for gardening. We have a few warm zones, but in general we are pretty Northern Country.  Many regions are not suitable for agriculture at all, the rest we call “risky for agricultural”. Risky means you can’t predict the harvest. Sometimes it’s good but often it is not.

My region, Ural, is what we joke “Not risky already”, you should know what kind of game you play with the nature. The only good thing is that we have enough water in form of precipitations, but we rarely have enough warm sunny days.

We had to find solution for that, and we use greenhouses. In past we used to have massive greenhouses made of wood, steel and glass. Now it’s obsolete. Modern greenhouses made of plastic and metal wire.


Many of them have special lamps that helps to plants growing, many of them have irrigation systems.

Some greenhouses managed by microcomputers and they base they decisions on sensor’s data: temperature, moisture, etc.

I didn’t own that fancy devices yet, I got sick of them in my childhood. It was a hard, full-time job to manage a huge greenhouse. At that time it was necessary for our family, and I’m happy that this time is gone.

Unfortunately for me my wife haven’t such an experience and because of that she has a ridiculous idea that growing tomatoes in greenhouse if fun. Of course I lost the argument about this, and got to build a small greenhouse. Something for trial period that helps us to make a decision do we need one or not.

I didn’t wanted to waste any extra money for that projects, so I found a few planks, roll of plastic and a few assistants.

On the very beginning stage of construction

And how it looked a few hours later:

Not a fancy one, I agree but it saves my marriage and my money. I always judge my projects by their effectiveness and this one hard to beat in that regard.

That construction has a lot of cons. One have to open when it too hot otherwise there is a chance to have cooked tomatoes inside. It doesn’t produce too many vegetables, but it’s enough for having fun.

Weekly crop looks like that:

I am really afraid if I let the cat out of the bag because in this case I’ll have to build a new, better one greenhouse for the next season.





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