1. Teacher Diana, all,
    First, it is very interesting for me to learn about “Have a Heart”.
    I have heard more about “have a nice day” and so on, but I had never heard about “Have a Heart”.
    All of you nearly know that I am very romantic.
    So if someone breaks my heart, I will tell her/him:
    Have a heart.
    Second, I have heard that students should learn idioms in advanced level, is it correct, please?
    Shouldn’t I learn any idiom in my level?
    Third, I only wanted to test myself.
    My score is 42.9%.
    I will try to do the quiz again later.
    Today, I am very happy for learning “Have a Heart”.
    If you present idioms like this idiom (about heart, kind, friendship and so on) on the site, we will be happy very much.
    Best wishes,

    1. Great, Bijan!
      Thank you for taking the quiz.
      I am glad that you’ve learned a new idiomatic expression and that you liked it. And you used it correctly.
      Yes, if someone breaks your heart, you can tell them, “Have a heart!”.
      As for you second point, I don’t think that only advanced students should learn idioms. You know, idioms are so much fun to learn. Should only advanced students have fun? Of course, it is better to learn the idioms when you run across them in a context. They are easier to remember.

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