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Welcome to Lee’s Library alias The Mad Rook! This site is intended to serve as a resource for English learners who want to expand their English vocabulary, practice their listening and reading skills, learn some writing tips, AND periodically review their knowledge of grammar while also learning new and interesting things.  This site is brand-new, so please bear with us as we go through some growing pains.

Some of the things you will find on this site include the following:

My Blog (learn new vocabulary words and interesting facts as I blog about life)

  • The Story of my Life (learn about me while learning many new vocabulary words)
  • Member blogs
  • Grammar and writing tips (learn English more deeply for better understanding)
  • Role play scenarios (varied conversations, new vocabulary, self-assessment quizzes)
  • Song Analyses (for entertainment, story-telling, life lessons, and learning English)
  • Old Technologies (learn about life without the Internet, computers, and cell phones)
  • Photo ID exercises (identify things in real life photographs using their English names)
  • Links to my conversation classes offered on another website

Who Am I?

My screen name is Teacher Lee, but you can call me T.Lee or just Lee if you like. I am an online teacher who specializes in helping adult students learn English. I have started this website as a central repository to hold all of my English training materials and to serve as my public face to the outside world. I am starting this blog in the hopes of establishing a following of loyal member students who are interested in learning English in a uniquely different way than they have ever done it before.

What Can I Offer You?

Conversation Classes

Visit me at www.italki.com if you wish to enroll in live conversation classes with me.  My rate is US$120 for 10 lessons.  You can also read my student feedback there.  My teaching style is quite unique.  I think you will be impressed.

Website Resources

Please take the time to read this section to familiarize yourself with an overview of what this site has to offer.  Everything can ultimately be accessed from the Main Menu but there is also a quick-link widget on the right side of the screen for accessing various resources as well.

  1. The Home link always returns you to this website’s home page.
  2. The About Us link presents a video introduction of myself, Teacher Lee.  I am the founder and one of the site teachers, and Ivan K. is the site host and IT consultant.
  1. The My Life sub-link will tell you the “story of my life”, my whole life, starting at my childhood and continuing up to the present where I am now, near retirement.  This section will teach you new vocabulary words as you get to know me as a real person, who I am, where I came from, and how I got to where I am today.
  2. The Suggestion Box sub-link allows you to email suggestions to Teacher Lee.
  • The Blogs link allows you to quickly find a member’s blog page.  You can also use the Tag Cloud at the bottom left of the screen to click on a member’s name if it appears there.

    1. The Lee’s Blog sub-link is a running blog that I will maintain to periodically talk about different topics while teaching you new vocabulary words and aspects of American culture or real life.  This blog also contains certain site rules that must be followed by the site members.
    2. The Member Blogs sub-link lists all posts marked as Category = Blogs.  Please use this category only for your one and only blog post.
  • The Grammar link contains selected topics that will ensure that you understand various different aspects of English grammar that may have been omitted from your English learning process.  Grammar is extremely important if you wish to use English correctly and understand it deeply so you can use more complex sentence structures.
  • The Teachers link will take you to the site teachers’ home pages.
  • The Vocabulary link will take you to learning resources that will teach you new words and increase the size of your English vocabulary.

    1. The Picture This sub-link lists exercises that will use photographs and pictures to teach you the English names of things you may see in everyday life.  It uses matching to match the picture object to a text name.
    2. The Scenarios sub-link contains role-playing situations that cover a wide variety of settings and environments. These will teach you new vocabulary words and sentence structures used in conversational English. These are accompanied by audio recordings so you can (a) listen or read or (b) listen and read at the same time.
      1. Listening to my recordings without reading will improve your listening skills.
      2. Listening to my recordings while reading will improve your pronunciation skills.
      3. Reading will expand your vocabulary and perhaps improve your grammar skills.
      4. Reading my scenarios will also teach you about areas of real life that may be unfamiliar to you but that you should be familiar with for conversation purposes.
      5. Answering the self-assessment questions and quizzes will check your reading comprehension skills and assess whether you learned anything from the scenario.
    3. The Songs link will introduce you to some of my favorite songs, most of which tell stories. These will introduce you to old American songs that you may not know while simultaneously analyzing the lyrics of the song for English improvement, such as identifying idioms and new vocabulary words. In some cases, these “stories” may teach you some life lessons or at least give you new insights into life.
    4. The Take 10 sub-link contains exercises that will teach you 10 new words at a time.
    5. The Technology link will teach you about old technologies that existed around 50 years ago while teaching you new vocabulary words. You will no doubt be amazed by how your parents and ancestors survived before computers, cell phones, CDs and DVDs, battery-powered watches, and even the Internet existed!
  • The Writing link will take you to lessons that will improve your writing.
  • In the right sidebar, you will see a Recent Posts section to let you know about other posts I may have made.
  • At the bottom left of the screen is an area is a “Tag Cloud”, which lists the Most Recent Tags, the larger the tag size, the more frequently that tag appears on this site.  The Tag Cloud can be a quick way to find posts as well.


If you were observant, you will notice that learning new vocabulary words was a recurring theme that I repeated above many times. You should always be learning and using new vocabulary words if you are to have any hope of improving your conversational, reading, and listening comprehension skills.

Now that you are familiar with my website layout, I encourage you to explore, learn, comment, and visit once or twice a week to see what’s new. Again, you are welcome to visit me at www.italki.com if you wish to enroll in some live conversation classes with me.    There you can also read my students’ feedback about my classes.

I hope to see you soon and often! Take care.