Hotel Experience 1

A friend and I are going to stay for two nights at the Sheraton Rio Hotel and Resort. It is located on the coast and has a nice beach. We have just pulled up in front of the hotel in a taxi. The hotel doorman opens the taxi door for us. The taxi driver gets out and opens the trunk. We pay the taxi driver for our fare. The doorman motions for us to go inside the hotel while he gets our luggage from the trunk of the taxi.

We enter the hotel lobby and go to the front desk. We tell the attendant at the front desk that we have reservations. He checks us in and gives us our room keys. The doorman has brought our luggage into the lobby. A bellhop is standing by to follow us up to our room. Our luggage has been loaded onto a luggage cart. We take the elevator up to the fifteenth floor and use our key card to open the door to Room 1503. The bellhop brings our luggage in and unloads our luggage near the closet. We tip him and he bows slightly and leaves. We unpack our bags and settle into our room.

I call the front desk and ask for a wake-up call at 7:00 am the next morning. We have some early sightseeing planned tomorrow. For now, later that day we visit the hotels pool for a little swim, then we soak in the spa (hot tub) for a little relaxation. Later that night we work out in the hotels fitness room. We stop by the concierge desk to ask about tours and local restaurant recommendations in the area. Ultimately, we just decide to eat in our room so we call room service and order some food. After eating, we place the food tray and our dirty dishes in the hallway outside our room.

Our room has a balcony with a fantastic ocean view. We have a flat panel TV on the wall, a small computer desk, and two double beds on the other side of a wall divider. There is an alarm clock on a night stand between the beds. We get up early the next day and eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant. It has a great panoramic view of the city. Some forest-covered mountains are also visible from the restaurant. A pretty waitress brings us our breakfast: scrambled eggs, mediumdark toast, crispy bacon, and strong black coffee.

Our tour bus comes to the hotel and picks us up. We have a great day of sightseeing around the city, including some of the surrounding coastal areas. Our tour guide speaks both English and Portuguese. At noon, the tour bus stops at a local restaurant and we all eat a pre-arranged lunch provided by the tour company. At the end of the day we are dropped off back at our hotel.

The following morning, we wake up, have breakfast, pack our bags, and check out of the hotel. We take the hotel shuttle bus to the airport and are soon on our way back home after a relaxing two-day stay at this Sheraton hotel. What a nice short vacation that was!


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