Introvert vs. Extrovert

Hello my dear friends,

I’m glad to meet you all in Teacher Lee’s library in 2017. This is my first blog post here. So I wanted to start with a question that has been eating my mind so long.

What exactly do the words Introvert and Extrovert mean?

Some people are still claiming themselves as an Introvert/Extrovert without knowing the exact characterization.

So my question is, What do you think about these two personalities?

Can you think of an example for each personality or how do they behave?


  1. You can think of an introvert as a “loner”. I am an introvert. I prefer to be alone in quiet solitude. I hate parties and crowds of people laughing and making noise. I do a lot of pondering inside my head. My thoughts are turned more inward than outward. You will NEVER see me listening to music with earbuds when I walk. I prefer to hear my own thoughts, not music in my ear to blot out my thoughts. Parties and socializing exhausts and drains me. Being alone charges me back up.

    You can think of an extrovert as a “socializer” or “party-goer”. They love being with two or three friends all the time. They enjoy talking, gossiping, constant activity. They can’t stand to be alone listening to their own thoughts. Parties and get-togethers are what they thrive on. You will rarely see these people alone. They are on their cell phones constantly because solitude scares them. Parties energize them. They can party for hours and hours. Being alone depresses them.

    The above descriptions are for 100% introverts and extroverts. In reality, most people are a combination of the two and lie somewhere between these two extremes. Below show where 5 different people might be on a “sliding scale”.


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