Mall Experience

Role Dialog
Narrator Darla, Cindy, and Evan have just arrived at a new shopping mall. They are on the lower level.
Darla Wow, what a humongous mall! It’s going to take us a while to explore all the nooks and crannies of this place.
Evan You can say that again!  It’s two stories and I can’t see the end in either direction. My feet are starting to ache just thinking about all the walking we’re going to have to do.
Cindy Evan, you wimp! The thrill of shopping is like an adrenaline rush. Darla and I can shop for hours on endTry to keep up with us, okay?
Evan I’ll do my best, oh Mighty Master Shopper Pro Expert Guru Person.
Narrator Evan is just speaking a long string of obsequious words to make fun of Cindy.
Darla Lets check out that jewelry store called Kaye’s. I like their advertising slogan:
“Every kiss begins with a Kaye.”
Cindy Cute!  Let’s go.
Evan Oh, please. Is that all it takes to reel you girls in, a catchy slogan?
Darla Absolutely! We girls are suckers for a good pickup line.
Narrator After browsing around the jewelry store, they exit and proceed back out onto the main mall floor.
Cindy Where to next?
Darla Let’s check out that music store and then that department store.
Cindy Sounds like a plan. Lets go.
Darla This music store has all my favorite singing groups and songs. Here’s a music CD with some old Beatle songs on it. My dad would probably like that! Hes old-fashioned. His taste in music hasnt changed in the past 30 years.
Cindy Yeah, my parents are the same way. Hey, they sell musical instruments here too. Check out that 12-string guitar.
Evan All right, now thats something I can get into!  I’m going to go check it out! Be back in a few. (minutes)
Darla Well, at least Evan found something he can get interested in.  Hes such a stick-in-the-mud most of the time.
Cindy Aint that the truth! Okay, lets check out all these tunes and melodies.  They even have some music boxes and movie posters.
Narrator After exploring the music store, they exit and proceed to an adjacent department store.
Darla Ladies to the womens clothes department!
Evan And men to the mens clothes department!  Well meet back here in 30 minutes.
Cindy Deal!
Narrator After perusing the department store, they exit and proceed out onto the main mall floor again.
Evan Okay, girls. Where to next? I, for one, am feeling a little hungry. My stomach is growling.
Darla Okay.  Cindy, are you up for some Chinese fast food?
Cindy Lead on, MacDuff.  (reference to a line in a Shakespeare play)
Evan To the food court then!
Narrator Darla and Cindy order Chinese food and Evan orders Italian.
Evan Aaaah, that hit the spot. Whats next on the itinerary?
Cindy Shoes, purses, and handbags!
Darla Right onGreat minds think alike!
Narrator Cindy buys a pair of shoes with a matching handbag. Darla buys some socks. Evan buys some shoe polish.
Cindy Evan, is that the best you can do? Aisles and aisles of shoes, and all you can buy is shoe polish?
Evan Hey, what can I say? I’m a practical person. I already have a pair of shoes. I dont need another pair.
Darla What? You only have one pair of shoes!
Cindy We have at least twelve pairs each! We need pumps, high heels, summer boots, winter boots, classy sandals, pricey tennis shoes all in a variety of colors, of course. They do have to match our ensembles, after all.
Evan It makes my head hurt to contemplate what must go on in the mind of a woman. How complicated can you make life?
Darla Its all just part of being a woman, Evan.  We must be cunning, versatile, flexible, inventive, and, yes, even bloodthirsty and ruthlessly aggressive, especially when it comes to doing battle on the sales floor.  Think of us as ninjas with black belts in shopping! Haha.
Cindy Thats right. You cant imagine the thrill of the kill when we save 50% off the regular price of a hot itemFighting our way through all our competitors and rivals, all of whom are scrambling to achieve victory on the corpselittered, shopping battle field — why, I get chill bumps just thinking about it!
Evan Lets check out a bookstore next.
Darla Okay. I think the directory showed a Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the upper level.  Should we take the elevator, escalator, or stairs?
Cindy Elevator. I’m wearing high heels.
Evan Stairs. Im wearing practical shoes.
Darla Stalemate! That means I get to cast the deciding vote. To the escalator!
Narrator They take the escalator to the upper level.
Evan Which way is the bookstore?
Darla I think the directory showed it off to the right, so that way.
Cindy There it is, about five stores down on the right.
Narrator They enter the bookstore.
Evan Ill be in the fantasy and science fiction section.
Darla Well be in the romance section.
Cindy Speak for yourself, Darla.  Im going to check out the travel section.  My mom says were going to Greece next month.  I want to see what sights there are to see there.
Darla Well, if youll be going to Athens, youll definitely want to see the Parthenon ruins on the Acropolis. The Acropolis is a hill, I think. The Parthenon ruins are what is left of a large temple that was built there. Mainly, all thats left is just a few stones and broken column remnants. In Tennessee in the USA, they built an exact replica of the Parthenon as it used to exist thousands of years ago when it was intact.
Cindy Cool! I’ll be sure to research that.
Evan Lets meet in the coffee shop over there in the corner when were all done. I feel like a hot latte and a slice of banana bread.
Narrator Later they all meet in the coffee shop. Each of them has a small bag with a book or two that they purchased.
Darla Cindy, hows your mocha?
Cindy Wonderful! Just what the doctor ordered. What about your macchiato?
Darla Same.
Evan Well, this banana bread, warmed up of course, is delicious! And my latte tastes like ambrosia.
Cindy Ambrosia? Whats that? Sounds like a good name for a perfume.
Darla Haha! Thats the food of the gods according to Greek mythology, Cindy! Evans just trying to impress us with his knowledge of ancient history
Cindy Oh. Well, Evan, Ill match my knowledge of the myriad shades of nail polish against your knowledge of mythology any day. (This phrasing is a type of friendly challenge.)
Evan Youre on. (I accept that challenge.)
Darla Boy, it sure feels good to sit down and get off our feet for a little while, doesnt it?
Cindy You can say that again! My feet are killing me. I wouldnt have worn high heels if I had known how large this mall was going to be.
Narrator This saga is to be continued.

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