Medieval Times Dinner Theater

Scenario Angie is an American college student who has volunteered to take a couple of international exchange college students out for a night on the town. She is taking them to a dinner theater show in Orlando, Florida, USA, called “Medieval Times”. Mei Lin is from China and Yuri is from Russia. It is 9:00 pm and night has fallen. They have just bought their admission tickets and entered the main entrance hall.

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Mei Lin So tell me again what this place is?
Yuri Yes, I have never heard of a dinner theater before.
Angie Well, you’ll love this entertainment then! We’re going to eat a dinner with our hands while watching a live performance of actors reenacting a King’s tournament during the medieval times. Six knights will compete with one another to see who is the best! We’ll be assigned to one of these knights, and our job will be to cheer him on. If he wins, we gain honor by sharing in his victory.
Mei Lin What’s a knight?
Yuri I can answer that! I learned about knights in history class. They were the king’s best soldiers. They rode on horses and wore body armor. Their weapons included a sword and a lance. They were considered to be true gentlemen, the epitome of chivalry.
Angie Exactly!
Mei Lin So what can we expect?
Angie The “stage” is a large, elliptical-shaped dirt “field” located “outside”. The audience, that’s us, will sit in stadium seating arranged all around the field. We’ll be divided into six sections, one section for each knight. Each knight has his own flag and colors. Whatever section we sit in will determine which knight is representing us in this tournament. That will be the knight that we will cheer for.
Yuri Cheer for? You mean we’re going to shout like high school cheerleaders?
Angie Yep. You can act silly and scream at the top of your lungs. You can stand up, wave, cheer, shout, and be as energetic as you want. It’s all part of the fun and games.
Mei Lin Sounds intriguing. Tell us more.
Angie After we sit down, we’ll order beverages and dinner. For realism, we’ll eat with our hands – no silverware. We’ll have chicken, baked potatoes, bread, and soup in a bowl with a handle so we can drink our soup from it.
Yuri Cool! Russians love to live outside in the wild and test our toughness.
Mei Lin Look, the doors to the tournament field are opening, and a line is forming. Looks like the show is about to begin. Let’s go find our seats. Our tickets show that we’re sitting in the Red Knight’s section, so he’ll be our hero tonight. I hope he’s handsome!
Yuri The Red Knight — that’s a good name. He should be a good fighter. Grrrr.
Angie All right, that’s the spirit! You’re already ready for battle. Haha.
Narrator The audience goes in and settles into their assigned seats. Angie, Mei Lin, and Yuri are lucky. Their seats are right in the middle section of the arena where the viewing is the best. They sit, order drinks, and wait for dinner to arrive. The “King” is at one end of the arena sitting in a throne. He stands up and begins talking.
King Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome one and all to the King’s Tournament! Today we’ll hold games of combat and skill to determine which of my knights is the best! Enjoy your feast and cheer for your chosen champion! Let the games begiiiiiiiiiiin! (He then sits down and turns to talk with his queen.)
Narrator Trumpets blow as the six knights ride out onto the field on horses and stop in front of their respective sections. The Red Knight stops in front of our section and raises his lance high in the air. We all stand and cheer, yelling loudly. The knights then ride to one end of the arena and wait side by side for the tournament to begin. Servers start moving through the audience delivering beverages and the night’s dinner.
King For our first contest, the knights will compete in hitting a small ring hanging in the air. The tip of their lance must penetrate the ring to score a point. Each knight gets only one try.
Narrator The Black-and-White Knight goes first. He spears the ring with his lance – point! His section of the audience cheers loudly! Some knights miss, but our Red Knight scored a point as well.
King The next contest will be swordsmanship. The knights will pair off and fight each other. First sword contact against the body wins the fight. The winners will then fight each other until only one winner remains.
Narrator The sword fights commence. The first three winners are the Green Knight, the Red Knight, and the Yellow Knight. Green and Yellow then fight; Green loses. Finally, Yellow and Red fight. Yuri and Mei Lin yell really loud, jumping up and down. Their enthusiasm affects others around them and the Red section is cheering like crazy. Motivated by the cheers, the Red Knight achieves victory! Everyone is now enjoying their dinners while the knights set up for the next contest.
Yuri This meal is really good! I can just imagine my ancestors eating like this in the past!
Mei Lin I like the Red Knight! He fights with such great skill, and he looks so regal in his red armor. I hope he wins. The King and Queen look so… (suddenly, pandemonium erupts)
Yuri Wait! Something’s happening. Look! There are a bunch of black knights riding in on horseback, shouting and swinging swords! One of them has just kidnapped the Queen! The good and bad knights are fighting! Wow! Look at the ferocity of their attacks. Look! The Red Knight is riding towards the Black Knight with the Queen. Yes, he knocked the Black Knight off the horse! The Queen is running towards the King. They’re reunited! The other black knights are defeated. Now it’s just the Red Knight against the evil Black Knight.
Narrator The Red and Black Knights fight ferociously for several minutes, hacking and slashing at each other with their swords. Finally, the Red Knight vanquishes the Black Knight. The crowd cheers loudly. The King honors the hero for saving his Queen. And all live happily ever after. The show ends and our students head home.





Sword Fighting


The Six Knights

Black & White Green Yellow Red Red & Yellow


The Feast

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