Meet Alexa, Amazon’s AI Personality

Alexa is an artificial intelligence personality invented by Amazon, Inc.  There is a home product you can purchase called the Amazon  Echo.  It is a microphone-speaker device that uses Alexa as an interface.  It can accept and respond to voice commands to do various tasks for you.  This post is a simple demo of some of the things Alexa can to.  To get Alexa’s attention, you simply mention her name, “Alexa”.  She lights up and is waiting for you to speak.  What a lady!

Click links to see brief video demonstrations.  Videos open in a new tab.

  1. Provide information.
  2. Control my reading light.
  3. Control my night light.
  4. Play music from my computer (or from a website if you have a subscription).
  5. Play a specific song from my computer’s music library.
  6. Set a timer and an alarm.
  7. Turn on my upstairs lights.
  8. Add an item to a grocery or to-do list.


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