Movie class: Blade runner

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This movie merges the genres of sci-fiction, romance, and cops-and-robbers.

In 2019, in a dreary world of acid rain, overpollution, flying cars, and advanced robotics, Earth has become an undesirable place to live. Most humans live on off-world colonies. Androids called replicants are used off-world to perform tasks and missions deemed to be too dangerous for humans. Replicants are illegal on Earth because they are not only more powerful than humans but also virtually indistinguishable from humans. One day four replicants on an off-world colony go rogue, steal a spaceship by killing 23 crew and passengers, and return to Earth. Their goal is to find their “creator”.

There is a police force in Los Angeles called the Blade Runners whose job is to hunt down and “retire” (execute) any rogue replicants who might return to Earth. Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a retired blade runner. When the Blade Runners’ top active agent, Mr. Holden, is unfortuitously killed by one of these rogue replicants during a Voice-Comp test, the Blade Runner Division Chief, Captain Bryant, forces an unwilling Deckard to come out of retirement under duress to track down and bring in the four rogue replicants.

To begin his investigation, Deckard meets with the replicants’ creator, Dr. Tyrell, the head of The Tyrell Corporation. Deckard learns that the latest generation of replicants, called the Nexus 6 model, are designed to be “more human than human” and are almost distinguishable from humans. However, Tyrell built certain fail-safes into the replicants for safety and security purposes. One such fail-safe was an automatic response to a narrow range of specific questions. Thus, replicants can be identified by undergoing a face-to-face psychological test (the Voice-Comp Test) where the subject is asked a variety of scripted questions that the subject must answer while their biological responses are being monitored by special monitoring equipment. Deckard learns that a second fail-safe built into the advanced generation of replicants is a four-year lifespan. Thus, he begins his mission to bring in four dangerous replicants that look and act just like normal humans and who are on a mission from which they will NOT be deterred.

Nexus 6 Replicants: Rachel (Tyrell’s assistant),
Roy (combat unit; leader), Leon (ammunition loader), Zhora (murder squad), Pris (pleasure-bot),


to replicate = to duplicate
to go rogue = to rebel against one’s employer/master/overlord, to decide to act independently and no longer follow the orders of your superior
under duress = under threat, being forced to do something against your will
fail-safe = a design feature to prevent some disastrous situation from happening
to bring in = to arrest and detain
to hunt down = to track down = to locate and apprehend
to deter = to discourage or prevent someone from achieving their evil or illegal goal
fortuitous = lucky, fortunate
android = a robot (and a replicant, as the term is used in this movie)
tortoise = land turtle
origami = the art of Japanese paper-folding

Our chat

Me (T.Lee)
12:03 PM
Bozhena is a “ham”. (likes to perform for the camera)
12:04 PM
12:06 PM
rogue (RO /g/)
acid rain
Rachel is an advanced model
Tyrell’s favorite

Gerard Arbat
12:08 PM
she lives longer

12:11 PM
model (MOD ull)
Alexa, Siri, Cortana
I want flying cars!!!
We have a flying car but not commercially available yet.

12:14 PM
Sebastian had “Methuselah’s Syndrome”
Tyrell tried to be a god.
Earth is a slum.
They can “hide”.
To catch rogue replicants who sneak back.

12:18 PM
Animals were all robots.
The Chinese ate all the animals on the Earth.
The test for replicant identification purposes.
The Turing Test
can test for AI consciousness
Rachel did not know she was a replicant.
Roy = leader of the replicants
Deckard = Harrison Ford
Roy learned the value of life
He ‘grew a conscience’.
Deckard and Rachel had a happy ending.
Not for the replicants though.
Deckard had a dream.
Origami unicorn made by the Japanese guy
Nexus was new. Deckard was old.
We need the “old magic”.
Wake up! Time to die….– Leon
Living in fear is the true slavery.
You wouldn’t believe what these eyes have seen.
These moments will be lost in time.

Gerard Arbat
12:30 PM
like tears in rain

Ivan Korjavin
12:31 PM
To strive to survive is a natural instinct for humans.  Do you think that replicants have the right to kill humans to ensure their own survival?

12:31 PM
Ethical question.
Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics
Law 1: A robot cannot harm a human.
Law 2: A robot must obey human commands.
Law 3: A robot should ensure its own survival, subject to Laws 1 and 2.

12:38 PM
Pollution in the air makes the air hazy.
Kids were stealing his car parts while he was in the car.
He lost the battle but won the war.
The dilation of the eye’s pupil.
A landing pad

Gerard Arbat
12:44 PM

12:46 PM
Red lipstick against pale skin
big contrast
Long eyelashes
She was very serious, very solemn.
She was “more human than human”.
He was lonely.
He ate noodles.
Roy = “king”
Leon = “lion”
Pris = “princess”
dilate = get larger
contract, shrink = get smaller

Gerard Arbat
12:50 PM
this is Rachel’s eye

12:51 PM
Curio cabinet – for mementos and souvenirs (curiosity)
Signs: No littering
BE Rubbish Bin
Toys are his friends and companions.
taking a nap
Methuselah’s Syndrome
Probably fake candles
Owl was animated though.

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