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Matta Black	12:02 PM
Everything is not working well, buy me a new laptop :P
me	12:05 PM
colony of France
People travel from Europe through Casablanca to escape to America.
Bogart owns a cafe.
Not about the war, but the war is in the background
Matta Black	12:08 PM
me	12:08 PM
the Resistance
Vasanth Prabakar	12:08 PM
Just like Sherlock Holmes.
me	12:08 PM
just a businessman
dialog (DY uh LOG)
Old guy approached Rick
with a letter
about rebellion activities
Asked Rick to keep the letter
Rick agreed to keep the letter for one day.
That guy got arrested.
Elsa enters upon the scene.
Arrives at his cafe.
Elsa and Rick had a history between them in the past.
Her husband was a POW.
in a concentration camp.
She thought her husband was dead.
So she expressed her love for Rick.
She left a letter for him.
apology letter
Matta Black	12:13 PM
They speak as the book says.
me	12:14 PM
very poetic?
Vasanth Prabakar	12:14 PM
Matta Black	12:14 PM
Were they decent? No F*** words?
Gerard Arbat	12:15 PM
not 4 letters words
me	12:15 PM
Like old Indian movies.
Ivan Korjavin	12:15 PM
Atleast 20 letters in every words
me	12:15 PM
Mostly facial expressions
couldn't help but notice the flowery language
agent (AY jent)
Vasanth Prabakar	12:17 PM
there has to be a rapport between Nazi and French official
me	12:18 PM
many subplots at cross-purposes (against each other)
letters of transit
Matta Black	12:18 PM
Ivan, did you notice the goofs in the movie?
me	12:18 PM
Rick harbors some resentment against Else.
Ivan Korjavin	12:18 PM
What goofs, BM?
me	12:19 PM
But he eventually helps her esape with another man.
Matta Black	12:19 PM
I had read it somewhere, let me send the link or copy one example.
me	12:19 PM
Elsa forced Rick to "take sides".
Vasanth Prabakar	12:19 PM
me	12:20 PM
"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
Rick helped a refugee.
Woman and husband wanted to escape to America.
She asked Rick for help.
Matta Black	12:21 PM
"When Rick receives the transit documents from Ugarte, he pockets them in his inside right pocket. When he gets them out and puts them on Sam's piano, he gets them out of his left inside pocket."
me	12:21 PM
He was reluctant to help her at first.
Rick seems unemotional.
Vasanth Prabakar	12:21 PM
stiff guy
me	12:22 PM
Doesn't "take sides".
Jörgen Olsson	12:22 PM
number 22= my mother's lucky number
me	12:22 PM
Achilles' heel, he's a sucker for a pretty face/smile.
Vasanth Prabakar	12:22 PM
me	12:23 PM
Old couple had poor mastery of English
Everyone's English was perfect in Casablanca...
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me	12:24 PM
(movie technique or liberty)
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Matta Black	12:24 PM
Jörgen Olsson	12:24 PM
me	12:24 PM
"Play it again, Sam."
Sam is the piano player.
In the end, Rick sold his cafe.
Ensured everyone kept their jobs there.
Gerard Arbat	12:25 PM
me	12:26 PM
He was a soft-hearted guy in a hard outer shell.
Sam was Rick's confidante.
They are old friends.
Special relationship..
Much is unspoken.
Gerard Arbat	12:26 PM
me	12:27 PM
Lots of drinking and smoking.
American culture at that time.
seedy place
shady, illegal undercurrents
Gerard Arbat	12:28 PM
me	12:28 PM
a hotbed of spy activity?
white houser
white house
Was the cafe a white building?
White is a ubiquitous color.
in Morocco
Matta Black	12:29 PM
me	12:30 PM
courtesy of Vasanth
Sam is black?
Black and white movie
Who will win the war?
Not clear at that time in real life.
Red fez hat.
gist (jist)
bow tie
Matta Black	12:32 PM
me	12:32 PM
apricot handkerchief
Matta Black	12:32 PM
This is its name
me	12:32 PM
Vasanth Prabakar	12:33 PM
hanging lamp?
me	12:33 PM
Rick and letter of tranist
chess set
hanging lights
He must have an inside contact in the government
Matta Black	12:34 PM
chandelier? vasanth?
Vasanth Prabakar	12:34 PM
Matta Black	12:35 PM
like this one on the left
me	12:35 PM
inside he's "anti-Nazi"
Matta Black	12:35 PM
see his shoulder
me	12:35 PM
chandelier is a fancy light that hangs from the ceiling
Gerard Arbat	12:35 PM
me	12:35 PM
Escaping from the police...
He is captured
Rick wouldn't help him.
Vasanth Prabakar	12:36 PM
where the people dance together...
me	12:37 PM
decorative double doors
brooch on her chest.
Matta Black	12:38 PM
me	12:38 PM
table lamp with a lamp shade
flawless skin
Swedish actress
Man wants to change the ring?
The ring has a symbol on it.
secret code ring
window blinds
wooden slats
French mustache
small cocktail table
table lamp
French officer is wearing medals on
his chest at the right
rank insignia
on his collar
a patch on his sleeve
strap across his chest
Gendarme (police)
Matta Black	12:43 PM
Ivan, see their hairstyle, do you like it?
it's all the same for men,
me	12:43 PM
combed-back hairstyle
Ivan Korjavin	12:43 PM
Matta Black	12:44 PM
Was there any other women... to check their style.
me	12:44 PM
Vasanth Prabakar	12:44 PM
we saw three women there
me	12:44 PM
Wavy hair
Matta Black	12:44 PM
She has a curly hair
me	12:44 PM
Dark interior
drinking his troubles away
Sam is watching him
Vasanth Prabakar	12:45 PM
as time goes by...
me	12:45 PM
drowning his troubles
hiding in a bottle
doesn't stay open late
Piano has flower design
Piano is on wheels
drowning his sorrows in a bottle
Matta Black	12:46 PM
bows? Not sure it's the right word for the building style here.
It's an Islamic style.
me	12:46 PM
Is he wearing a brooch?
coffee cup
Ivan Korjavin	12:47 PM
flower probably, not a brooch
me	12:47 PM
old style had horizontal rings. Don't know why.
Gerard Arbat	12:47 PM
me	12:47 PM
are appetizers served at a fancy party
name-brand liquors
Very-well dressed
to be on the street
(buh RAY)
Matta Black	12:49 PM
Like the Pope thing "hat"
me	12:49 PM
in the center of the beret
Vasanth Prabakar	12:50 PM
me	12:50 PM
shoulder style clothes
square shoulder pads
his suit has pin stripes
faint vertical lines on a man's suit
are called pin stripes
window has chest-high curtains
privacy curtains for sitting patrons within
Gerard Arbat	12:52 PM
me	12:52 PM
but still lets light in
Gerard Arbat	12:52 PM
me	12:52 PM
smaller than a scarf
rain coats
fedora hats
ammo belt
raining cats and dogs
hats were the custom in the old days
train station
Departure in 7 hours
waiting for Elsa?
Vasanth Prabakar	12:54 PM
delivering the letter
me	12:54 PM
Sam's collar
is "turned up"
Jörgen Olsson	12:55 PM
He got completely soaked
me	12:55 PM
soaking wet
Vasanth Prabakar	12:55 PM
drenched in rain
me	12:55 PM
Ilsa (German)
Rick = nickname for Richard
So is "Dick"
or "Rich"
Matta Black	12:56 PM
neat handwriting, niceQ
me	12:56 PM
Ink is "running" due to rain.
Matta Black	12:56 PM
and God bless you
me	12:56 PM
Go, my darling
Vasanth Prabakar	12:57 PM
looks like YO
Matta Black	12:57 PM
or So
me	12:57 PM
Capital G in cursive or script writing
is weird
Capital J also
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Jörgen Olsson	12:58 PM
"I stick my neck out for nobody."
me	12:58 PM
one continuous storke
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me	12:59 PM
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Gerard Arbat	12:59 PM
Matta Black	12:59 PM
No one air! Wow
me	12:59 PM
Vichy water
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me	12:59 PM
Threw Vichy water into the trash can.

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