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Lee Wright	9:04 PM
Frank Herbert
author of the book
book and movie are close
10191 year
Four planet
Arrakis = Dune
House Atreides
House Harkonnen
Emperor's planet
Dry Dune
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Lee Wright	9:06 PM
Navigator's Guild
me	9:07 PM
Van if you have something to say or have a question, please write in the chat, we will see that
Lee Wright	9:07 PM
Dune has a substance called "spice"
Expands the consciousness
See the future
Fold space for instantaneous travel
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Lee Wright	9:07 PM
Navigator's Guild
Дђб»— Thanh Loan	9:08 PM
Yes, I will write if I have
Lee Wright	9:08 PM
Good guys - Atreides
Bad guys = Harkonnen
Emperor = bad guy too
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Lee Wright	9:09 PM
Dune has a secretive population called the Fremen.
They live in the deep desert.
Like nomads
There is a society of psychic women called the Bene Jesuits.
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Lee Wright	9:11 PM
There was a prophecy...
The Harkonnens have subjugated Arrakis to produce spice for profit.
Paul Atreides may be "The One" mentioned in the prophecy.
Who will rise to rule the universe.
Gigantic worms protect the spice.
Any rhythmic vibration (walking) will attract the worms to come kill you.
Dr. Kynes
a Fremem?
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Lee Wright	9:15 PM
was a traitor in the House of Atreides.
the Mentats
mental geniuses
red lips
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Lee Wright	9:16 PM
Plots with plots in this movie
Paul and mother escape into the desert
when the House of Atreides is wiped out by betrayal from within by Yueh.
Weirding weapons
that use sound to kill
The Fremen sabotaged spice production.
Pissed off the universe.
Emperor came to Arrakis to defeat the Fremen.
The Fremen have a secret, huge underground cache of water on a very dry planet.
The Water of Life
poisonous to MEN.
Okay for WOMEN.
Paul and the Fremen defeat the Emperor and the Harkonnen.
Paul's mother had a daughter with strong mental powers.
Paul controlled the only source of spice in the whole universe.
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Дђб»— Thanh Loan	9:29 PM
Can I a listener today?
me	9:29 PM
Sure, please
Gerard Arbat	9:29 PM
Lee Wright	9:34 PM
similar to knitting
Emperor's special troops
Lady Jessica
Duke Leto
watching unpacking
dais (DAY iss)
Guard (GARD)
surface tension (a force)
high IQ
He is gay!
He floats, levitates.
Maybe its's a water dispenser
sonic destruction
me	9:58 PM
Lee Wright	9:59 PM
recycle your sweat
and catch your urine and feces in pockets
You can live for weeks in the desert
scrupulous details

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