Movie class: Exam



Lee Wright 9:03 PM
20 O 9 or two thousand nine

Gerard Arbat 9:03 PM
Zhra is a member from lewwwp

Lee Wright 9:04 PM
Exam room, exam, one question
Are there any questions?
Crazy French guy.
Paper was blank.
Can’t answer if they don’t know the question.
Perhaps the question is invisible!
How can we make it appear?
QuГЎch VГўn joined group chat.

Lee Wright 9:07 PM
He outlines three rules they must obey or be disqualified: (1) don’t talk to him or the armed guard by the door, (2) don’t spoil their papers, and (3) don’t leave the room.
Guard (gard)
Only THREE rules.
Maybe IR or UV will make the question appear.

Gerard Arbat 9:08 PM

Lee Wright 9:08 PM

me 9:09 PM
brb in 2 min

Lee Wright 9:10 PM
brb = be right back

QuГЎch VГўn 9:11 PM
Sorry, could I know the question?

me 9:11 PM

Lee Wright 9:11 PM
spy among us?
One woman knew about the company.
There was a spy but they selected the wrong spy.
The guard’s job was to remove violators of the rules from the room.
One woman wrote on her paper. The guard ejected her.

me 9:14 PM

Lee Wright 9:14 PM
One woman talked to the “window”. She was ejected.

me 9:16 PM
What kind of qualities the corporation was looking for in candidates?

Lee Wright 9:16 PM
They tricked a woman into burning her own paper. Ejected!
Dog eat dog.
What kind of qualities the corporation was looking for in candidates?
Speak louder, please.
The answer to this question was answered at the END of the movie.

Gerard Arbat 9:18 PM

Lee Wright 9:18 PM
intelligence, COMPASSION.
Why was COMPASSION important?

Gerard Arbat 9:20 PM

Lee Wright 9:20 PM
They had a medical miracle but only in limited supply.
Distribute it fairly
Who will live and who will die? This is the job of the exam winner.
You need to balance compassion and logic.

Gerard Arbat 9:22 PM

Lee Wright 9:23 PM
Russian! No compassion.
Miracle cure.
Should we only save POLITICIANS and WORLD LEADERS? If so, will the public accept this or RIOT and KILL?

Gerard Arbat 9:26 PM

Lee Wright 9:27 PM
This was probably a personality test, a test of character.
Summary said this was the last test of a series.
I think the exam “worked”, though not optimally.
Black, Blonde, Frenchie

QuГЎch VГўn 9:29 PM

Lee Wright 9:29 PM
(TAHL er runt)
When it’s kill or be killed, there is no room for indecision.
Wasn’t decisive enough.
French guy was the “stranger” , so he was picked on as a misfit.
Discrimination or bigotry.
a rubber duck, a decoy or a trap
a distraction

Jörgen Olsson 9:32 PM

me 9:33 PM
3. If they didn’t mention the type of organization and its field, What would be your predictions about the company?

Lee Wright 9:33 PM
Initially, I thought it was a financial corporation looking for a CFO to maximize profits.
Hi-tech company, security?
Vasanth Prabakar joined group chat.

Lee Wright 9:35 PM
Military organization looking for a killer or assassin.
Definitely an important, rich company.
Movie was deliberately vague to test the exam candidates.
Pharmceutical company
Intelligence agency
Black Ops organization
like Men in Black.
Delta Force

me 9:38 PM
4. The “dark” candidate (the girl with spectacles) had some incisions on her thigh. How did she get that? What is your guess?

Lee Wright 9:38 PM
cuts or incisions on her thighs
We call this kind of person a “cutter”.
She cuts herself.
Hidden injuries
so no one knows about her “addiction”.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:39 PM

Lee Wright 9:40 PM
The desire to self-harm is a common symptom of borderline personality disorder. People with other mental disorders may also self-harm, including those with depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, and several personality disorders. Self-harm can also occur in high-functioning individuals who have no underlying mental health diagnosis. The motivations for self-harm vary. Some use it as a coping mechanism to provide temporary relief of intense feelings such as anxiety, depression, stress, emotional numbness, or a sense of failure. Self-harm is often associated with a history of trauma, including emotional and sexual abuse.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:41 PM
Like from the movie THE ACCOUNTANT?

Lee Wright 9:43 PM
Remember “The Accountant”
Yoga or tea, rather than “pain” to “relax”.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:45 PM

Lee Wright 9:45 PM
Would the company have accepted the jerk who almost won?

Gerard Arbat 9:45 PM

Lee Wright 9:46 PM
He still didn’t KNOW the answer.
The answer was “NO”.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:46 PM

Lee Wright 9:47 PM
Intelligence was figuring out the REAL question and get the CORRECT answer.
Are there any questions?
The question was: Are there any questions? The answer was NO.
Anonymous names, all candidates start out equal.
Count-down timer
Each candidate has a small desk, paper, and pencil
A blackboard.
The exam proctor.

Jörgen Olsson 9:50 PM

Lee Wright 9:50 PM
An exam invigilator, exam proctor or exam supervisor is someone who is appointed by the examination board and services for maintaining the proper conduct of a particular examination in accordance with the exam regulations.
Normally, we say “proctor”.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:51 PM
he scrolled her paper

Lee Wright 9:52 PM
He folded the paper so she didn’t know it was her paper.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:52 PM

Lee Wright 9:52 PM
one-way mirror (glass)

QuГЎch VГўn 9:52 PM
I mean “folding isn’t spoil?”

Lee Wright 9:52 PM
Woman with her armed folded.
He’s killing the normal lighting to get DC lights
battery lights

Gerard Arbat 9:53 PM

Lee Wright 9:53 PM
to see if the different light might make the question appear.
Could indicate disapproval
Broken glass
Long-sleeved shirt
Shattered glass

Vasanth Prabakar 9:55 PM

Lee Wright 9:55 PM
broken light with an emergency light showing in the wall
suit and tie

me 9:56 PM

Lee Wright 9:56 PM
Tie used to gag his mouth
coat and tie

Gerard Arbat 9:57 PM
duck tape it’s also effective

Lee Wright 9:57 PM
Two-handed grip, very professional

Gerard Arbat 9:57 PM

Lee Wright 9:57 PM
Gun is encoded to the guard’s hand only.
Judge Dredd

Gerard Arbat 10:00 PM

Lee Wright 10:00 PM
Is the guard the murderer?

Vasanth Prabakar 10:00 PM

Lee Wright 10:00 PM
Real bullets, rubber bullets?
I think the person bled and “died”.
No laws inside this room.
Possible but not legal.

Gerard Arbat 10:03 PM
I have to leave

Lee Wright 10:03 PM
Collaboration, cooperation, conflict




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