Movie class: Krull


Cruel skull = Krull
Love story
Love conquers all!
Planet, two kingdoms are hostile
Two kids get married to establish peace between two kingdoms so they can protect their planet from invasion.
Princess was kidnapped by the alien invaders.
Prince must rescue her by assembling a band of marauders.
Glaive is a special w eapon.
Aliens live in a fortress
Diana Yarmolinska joined group chat.
Lee Wright	9:05 PM
It moves every day at sunrise.
Bad guy is called the Beast.
Invaders are called Slayers.
Slaughtered the wedding guests.
Both kings are dead.
Love is fleeting. Power is eternal.
Gerard Arbat	9:08 PM
Lee Wright	9:11 PM
The aliens have single-shot spears.
Lousy shots, just like Star Wars empire soldiers.
Gerard Arbat	9:11 PM
like Star Wars blasters
Lee Wright	9:14 PM
sword (sord)
Hero retrieves the Glaive from underneath a lava stream in a cave on a high mountain peak.
Gerard Arbat	9:16 PM
me	9:22 PM
Variety called Krull a "blatantly derivative hodgepodge of Excalibur meets Star Wars."
Lee Wright	9:25 PM
There is only ONE key to all the prisoners' handcuffs.
Only the King and his Lord Marshal have this key.
Gerard Arbat	9:25 PM
Lee Wright	9:26 PM
Suicide mission
Love, faith, good vs evil, teamwork
Two actors: Liam Neeson
Hagrid actor
cult movie = loyal fan base
Gerard Arbat	9:29 PM
Lee Wright	9:29 PM
Donnie Darko
Blade Runner
Thelma and Louise
Hero reminded me of actor Chris Pratt
It was good technology at the time.
Alena Kotyukova	9:33 PM
Gerard Arbat	9:35 PM
Lee Wright	9:35 PM
There was a PROPHESY.
about the lovers
saving the planet and ruling the GALAXY
visor covers your face
Noble guests
Your car has a "sun visor"
me	9:41 PM
heraldic ?
Gerard Arbat	9:41 PM
this is the key that opens the shackles
Lee Wright	9:43 PM
Chastity gloves
The Reception after the wedding
the shirtless hero
The Old One's horse
No yoke, no wagon
Everyone is a mountain climber in this movie.
a long series of mountains = a mountain range
Sun room
Not fire mares, just normal horses
No sunlight
Two suns on this planets
Binary star system (very common)
An hourglass is a timepiece.
She has a mirror.
clear, transpareent, crystalline
No sun
Her hourglass protects her from the spider.
Good triumphs over evil.
Love wins!

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