Movie class: Life of Brian

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homage = respect (we pay homage to something)
frankincense = incense for worshiping
myrrh = massage oil (obsolete word)
voice drop down low = talk quietly
lay off him = fire him?
thump = hit
meek = timid
alm = money donated to poor people
haggle = bargain or negotiate for a lower price
matinee = afternoon showing of a movie
divergence = digression; split-off
hypocaust = ???
prong = a “finger” of a fork; a sharp point or focal point
manacles = handcuffs, chains on the hands and feet
derring-do = bravery; boldness; willingness to take risks
insolence = impudence; defiance; disrespect
rabid = hostile and violent (like a dog with rabies)
risible – laughable; ridiculous
gourd = a hard husk of fruit that is often used as a water container
shove off = push off = leave, go away
attainment = achieving a goal; success in reaching a goal
abstinence = staying away from something; avoidance; self-denial
martyrdom = sacrificing your life to help others; dying a hero
()more religious fanatic connotation today)
deus ex machina = a movie technique sometimes required to save the hero at the last second when he is about to die. Somce fantastic rescue will appear from nowhere to save him.

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Movie class: Life of Brian
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Diana Yarmolinska 8:59 PM

me 8:59 PM
no sound at alll

Diana Yarmolinska 9:00 PM

Lee Wright 9:00 PM
The Life of Brian

Diana Yarmolinska 9:00 PM
It’s not

Lee Wright 9:01 PM
It seems to be about human stupidity. 🙂

Vasanth Prabakar 9:05 PM
The man who cannot pronounce “R”

Lee Wright 9:05 PM
God in Hebrew?

Vasanth Prabakar 9:08 PM
I watched it on Youtube and it has subtitles.

Lee Wright 9:09 PM
satire (SAA ty er)
fancy language, flower or eloquent language

me 9:16 PM
3. Why are they playing more than one character in this film?

Lee Wright 9:17 PM
deus ex machina

me 9:18 PM
out of the blue

Vasanth Prabakar 9:19 PM

me 9:21 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:23 PM

me 9:23 PM
how we call those second roles -mass roles

Lee Wright 9:23 PM
Why was Brian’s mother a man?
The first transgender in movies.
support role, extras

me 9:25 PM
2. What is the one satirical scene from this movie that still fits with the current situation?

Lee Wright 9:26 PM
Twitter/Facebook/viral videos are similar to how Brian became a “savior”
“What have the Romans done for us? Well, many things really.
congregation, constituents
Romans, go home.

Jörgen Olsson 9:29 PM

me 9:29 PM
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Lee Wright 9:30 PM
It’s an American tradition.
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Lee Wright 9:33 PM
Romance languages
French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese
(and I think English could be added to this list)
It’s dead because the ancient Romans are all dead.
Only the Roman Catholic Church speaks Latin today.

me 9:36 PM

Lee Wright 9:37 PM
Doctors write prescriptions in Latin.

me 9:37 PM
1. If someone makes a religious satirical movie like this in your country now, What would be the audience & government’s reaction?

Lee Wright 9:38 PM
“Wonder Woman” actually made women in the USA cry because it made them feel empowered. Naturally, men didn’t like it as much.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:41 PM
We had such example recently.
We banned pakistani actors movies for a while.

Lee Wright 9:44 PM
Rabble rouser
passionate speaker
stable = horse barn
The Nativity
Jesus was born in a stable.

me 9:46 PM

Lee Wright 9:46 PM
The Magi – The Three Wise Men

me 9:46 PM

Lee Wright 9:46 PM
Turbans on their heads

Vasanth Prabakar 9:47 PM
We’re lead by a star… Led by a bottle, more like. 😀

Lee Wright 9:47 PM
Veils cover the face

me 9:47 PM
dust storm

Lee Wright 9:47 PM
Fancy clothes, ornaments
Cloaks or robes
Gold, myrrh, and Frankincense
myrrh = massage oil

Vasanth Prabakar 9:48 PM
Aromatic gum?

Lee Wright 9:48 PM
Frankincense = incense
This is called “The Nativity Scene”
Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, the manger

Vasanth Prabakar 9:50 PM
It has to be a lamb… 😀

Lee Wright 9:50 PM
The wise men, one has a staff (long stick)
They were guided by the Star of Bethlehem.

Diana Yarmolinska 9:52 PM

Lee Wright 9:52 PM
is a food trough

Diana Yarmolinska 9:52 PM
Nativity scene
~ (live) at rack and manger

Lee Wright 9:54 PM
“a dog in a manger”
a sun umbrella = a parasol
spears (weapons)
skullcap (orange) has a Jewish name (?)
Roman soldier’s helmet has a red crest (like a rooster)
gold bracelets on the woman
robes (clothes)
parasol has some fringes hanging from it.
crocer sack
Three men in chains
the accused
soon to be stoned
sandals (shoes)
Religious punishment

Vasanth Prabakar 9:58 PM
local body?

Lee Wright 9:58 PM
conquered people
stones, beards,
full beards
stadium seating

Vasanth Prabakar 9:59 PM
they are in disguise.

Lee Wright 9:59 PM
arena or stadium
matinee = an early afternoon showing
severed limbs
the entrance
with metal gate raised
gladiators fight to the death here
Goliath and David
animal statue (she-wolf) Romulus
There is an eagle or some bird statue

Vasanth Prabakar 10:02 PM

Jörgen Olsson 10:02 PM

Lee Wright 10:02 PM
The Colosseum in Rome
Sell some snacks

Vasanth Prabakar 10:04 PM
trumbone is the longer one.

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