Movie class: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Expression list

off to bed (go to bed)
sorry to keep you (to delay you)
just one will do (one is enough)
commit herself to the creation and upkeep of a place like this (dedicate herself to its maintenance)
Enoch´s been of ever since
Who is ready to hit the beach (go to the beach)
Please don’t crap on us (don’t poop on us)
I like to get wrecked up


Movie class: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Group chat
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me 9:00 PM

Lee Wright 9:00 PM
puh KEW lee er
peculiar = strange or idiosyncratic
scattered “time loops”
Why are the kids isolated from society?
Like the “X-Men”, ordinary people fear mutants.
peculiar (puh Q lee er)
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Lee Wright 9:05 PM
boarding school
Your favorite part of the movie.
the fight on the pier
The time loops are for immortality, I think.
Her time loop was necessary because they would die otherwise.
“Bee boy”
Old Britain, old pier, old amusement park, modern day
A survival story

Jörgen Olsson 9:14 PM

Lee Wright 9:15 PM
Slow start
Slower pace in the beginning
have to set the background
Building the contexst

me 9:16 PM
Which peculiarity from this movie do you want to have? Why?

Lee Wright 9:17 PM
Air girl
fly, go underwater
provide wind to your friends in the summer
Lead boots
Freaks of nature

Vasanth Prabakar 9:19 PM

Lee Wright 9:21 PM
That didn’t make sense.

me 9:22 PM
What is an “Ymbryne’s main skill?

Vasanth Prabakar 9:23 PM

Lee Wright 9:23 PM
An Ymbryne (pronounced im-brin) is a female Syndrigast who can manipulate time and can take the form of a bird. Ymbrynes take care of peculiar children to hide them from wights by creating time loops that can be accessed by other peculiars to provide safety from the outside world. “
The visual effects (FX)
Eagle eyes
falcons are predators
winding knob
the outer ring of a watch is called the bezel
a stop-start button
a reset button
a timing function

me 9:26 PM
What does “tygresco” means?

Lee Wright 9:26 PM
tigress = female tiger
little tiger in Polish
a tiger cub

me 9:27 PM
1. What is Jake’s peculiarity?

Lee Wright 9:27 PM
Jake = nickname for Jacob
he could see the invisible hollows
they’re the protectors

me 9:28 PM
If Barron needs one more eyeball to get his ability to continue his research, why didn’t he eat miss peregrine’s eyeball first?

Lee Wright 9:28 PM
He wanted to use her for the device to help all of them.

me 9:29 PM
How could they survive from that Bombing?

Lee Wright 9:30 PM
Small bomb?

Vasanth Prabakar 9:30 PM

Lee Wright 9:30 PM
just a house bomb
unexploded bombs still found today from WW II

me 9:31 PM
At the end of the movie, how did Jacob get back to his sweetheart?

Lee Wright 9:32 PM
He was in 2016
He had a map
of all the time loops
He daisy-chained through the time loops to travel to different years and locations.
He landed in 1943
Had to spend two years in the Navy to survive
the Atlantic Ocean
sandy beach
empty beach
a lot of old retired people

Vasanth Prabakar 9:36 PM
dish washes

Lee Wright 9:36 PM
There will be a window/counter with a pharmacist where you can request pills
They write in Latin
quota die (by day, daily)

Vasanth Prabakar 9:38 PM

Lee Wright 9:38 PM
ora – by mouth
apothecary stores are smaller and only have medicine
CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid
post-it notes on the wall
seat back

Vasanth Prabakar 9:43 PM

Lee Wright 9:44 PM
headrest on tall seat backs
The Ottoman Empire

me 9:45 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 9:45 PM

Lee Wright 9:45 PM
Carpets are wall to wall and fixed to floor
Rug is movable

Vasanth Prabakar 9:47 PM

Lee Wright 9:48 PM
Unroll it , attach it to posts
blood on the head of the flashlight
Spartan decorations
Spartan = utilitarian, minimal
minimum conveniences
They were soldier-citizens

Vasanth Prabakar 9:51 PM

Lee Wright 9:51 PM
subdued lighting for relaxing atmosphere
session is over
open blinds
blinds keep heat out also
We make more mistakes.
We use pencils.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:56 PM

Lee Wright 9:56 PM
The door has a viewing window so you don’t open it and hit someone outside.
Why gas masks?
The bomb never explodes.
sculptured bushes


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