Movie class: Spy Game


  1. Well, bag your job. (Put you job on hold; suspend it for a while; stop doing what your doing) (?)
  2. Hold this till you hear otherwise.  (Keep this until I tell you to destroy it)
  3. When did Noah build the Ark ? Before the rain.  (Be prepared for disaster)
  4. Fill in a few holes for us.  (Fill in some missing information or facts)
  5. Why not leak it and throw the spotlight on China, and buy us some time?  (put the world’s attention on)
  6. Until he took matters into his own hands.  (went rogue; did whatever he wanted; disobeyed orders)
  7. There’s a staff sergeant, came away awhile back.  (military enlisted rank)
  8. – When did you get pulled in?- I volunteered, sir.   (drafted; forced to join)
  9.  He sometimes travels with a bit of an entourage. (companions – fans or bodyguards)
  10. Position in jeopardy.  Our position is compromised(known to the enemy; no longer a secret)
  11. rummaging through everything  (searching through everything while making a mess)
  12.  He played dumb(pretended not to know anything)
  13. And I kept him in limbo about even the possibility of going home.  (in an uncertain state or condition)
  14. This consignment is a misdirect.  ( Consignment = shipment.  Misdirect = a distraction; decoy. )
  15. we started his tradecraft.  (professional training)
  16. If you’d pulled some stunt over there (did something stupid) and got nabbed (caught),
  17. They want me to liaise with the Lebanese militia, just in case. (coordinate with, as a liaison)
  18. I don’t want to be a third wheel.   (useless appendage; usually we say fifth wheel)
  19. Did you mark her, or was it the other way around?  (choose her as a target)
  20. He’s got all the schematics for the prison. (architectural or electrical drawings of a building)
  21. tipped you off to Bishop’s situation… (informed you about; made you aware of key information)
  22. it would behoove you (it would be in your best interests to do something; highly advisable action)
  23. Dinner Out is a go.  (has the green light; has authority to proceed as planned)



Lee Wright 8:58 PM
inside of a gun barrel
spins the bullet
Gerard Arbat joined group chat.
Jörgen Olsson joined group chat.

Lee Wright 9:00 PM
By locale (Germany, Beirut, etc.)
Diana Yarmolinska joined group chat.

Lee Wright 9:02 PM
Spy Game
Robert Redford, Brad Pitt
Diana Yarmolinska left group chat.

Lee Wright 9:03 PM
Rescue mission by Bishop and medical personnel
Diana Yarmolinska joined group chat.

Lee Wright 9:03 PM
cholera (disease) outbreak
power outage
bubble gum
Vasanth Prabakar joined group chat.

Lee Wright 9:04 PM
make BIshop appear to be ded

Vasanth Prabakar 9:04 PM
“aww… snap” error message appeared.

Lee Wright 9:04 PM
Vasanth Prabakar left group chat.

Lee Wright 9:05 PM
stretcher – hidden underneath
Bishop was trying to rescue a girl he fell in love with.
play chess
“move pieces on the board”

Vasanth Prabakar 9:08 PM
He is controlling the “Bishop” on the chess board.

Lee Wright 9:08 PM
To recruit Bishop, Muir made his life miserable
to prepare him for recruitment, to escape his misery
(valuable property)
sound distortion
missions were assigned to train him
He was a sniper
VN camp mission
be observant
memorize everything you see
be able to improvise
speak with a lady

Vasanth Prabakar 9:12 PM

Lee Wright 9:12 PM
smile, chewing gum
lighter and cigarettes
iron curtain
West Berlin and East Berlin
bringing a person across from East to West
refugee escaping to the West
I didn’t understand that part
BIshop’s mission was a decoy
so the “asset” died for no real purpose
send flowers to his funeral
He met the woman. He was a photographer.
Kill the dictator using his doctor.
Recruit the doctor as an “asset”.
A thug leader
Wanted to make his death look natural…
Plan B was mayhem.
Killed many people.
BIshop and Muir went their own ways (parted company)
Did you mark her or did she mark you?
she had a shady background
she got in trouble in London and had to leave

Gerard Arbat 9:24 PM

Lee Wright 9:25 PM
She bombed a Chinese embassy in London, so China wanted her!
She got caught.
24 hours – execution

Gerard Arbat 9:27 PM

Lee Wright 9:27 PM
leak to the media – CIA agent in the prison
spy jargon
The leak was intended to extend BIshop’s execution deadline to get more time to rescue him.
Oops. We reported incorrectly.
To retract a story = to recall it as false.
His secretary helped him a lot.
He bluffed them to gain time.
He used others’ phones, stole a badge, hid key documents…
Commander Wiley…
Operation Dinner Out
Forged a signature
Said he had four wives.
Dinner Out is a go.
all about manipulation
His secretary was loyal to him, even at the risk of his job.
His life savings was $282K.
He bribed people to rescue Bishop.

Gerard Arbat 9:32 PM
cut power

Lee Wright 9:32 PM
Retirement resort.
He’s broke.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:33 PM

Lee Wright 9:33 PM
He was fond of BIshop.

me 9:33 PM
Diana, your sound again

Lee Wright 9:34 PM
Bishop may have been a younger “Muir”.
They bonded.

Vasanth Prabakar 9:34 PM

Lee Wright 9:34 PM
complemented each other
He broke his own rules.
“The horse analogy”
He was beaten and tortured.
refuses to confess
won’t reveal his employer
satellite photos

Vasanth Prabakar 9:37 PM

Diana Yarmolinska 9:37 PM

Lee Wright 9:38 PM
Noah and the Ark
Always be prepared for disaster

Vasanth Prabakar 9:39 PM

Lee Wright 9:39 PM
This discussion helped me understand it better.
taking a life – is it easy?
he was a pawn in the chess game
expendable pawn

Gerard Arbat 9:41 PM

Lee Wright 9:42 PM
BIshop went rogue.
Muir felt bad about separating Bishop and his girlfriend.

me 9:44 PM
3. Why did they record the conversation at the CIA headquarters?

Lee Wright 9:44 PM
cover your ass
protect yourself from blame later
“on the record” and “off the record”
music soundtrack

Vasanth Prabakar 9:46 PM

Gerard Arbat 9:46 PM

Lee Wright 9:46 PM
Arabian music for mood
Brothers in Arms
Bishop is “dead”
cot = temporary bed
sugar water
Guard’s quarters?

Gerard Arbat 9:49 PM

Lee Wright 9:49 PM
Speaker on the wall ?
treat minor injuries
Gate logo
coffee cups, phones
no privacy
clocks in the background on both sides
Areas of Operations
not an approved operative
to imprison someone
to put in prison
tree branches
fearless, the mission is everything
partially burned flag
His secretary
She risked her job to help him.
catered meal
called the cafeteria
20 copies of everything
coffee thermos on the table (silver)
filler actors

Gerard Arbat 10:00 PM
sorry I must run
Gerard Arbat left group chat.

Lee Wright 10:00 PM
many levels of sergeant
fir tree

Jörgen Olsson 10:01 PM
mid-level case officer

Lee Wright 10:01 PM
to induct
to indoctrinate

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