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Movie class: The Bourne Identity
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Lee Wright    9:02 PM
MIA = missing in action
The Bourne Identity

leyla eroğlu    9:03 PM

Lee Wright    9:03 PM
Bourne is found floating in the ocean with two bullets in his back.
He is rescued but has amnesia and doesn’t remember who he was or why he was floating in the ocean.
He learns that he has many skills.
Various languages
A capsule embedded in his hip has a bank account number.
The fishing boat that rescued him takes him to land and lets him off.

me    9:06 PM

Lee Wright    9:06 PM
He goes to the bank and finds he has cash, a gun, and many passports with fake identities.
He finds he as part of some organization and some project called Treadway

Diana Yarmolinska    9:08 PM

Lee Wright    9:08 PM
His organization wants to kill him to ‘tie up lose ends’. They think he went rogue.
He’s following leads to learn more about himself.
Very observant.
One woman has no money.

me    9:10 PM
Yes, no documents, robbed

Lee Wright    9:11 PM
He accosts her and offers her money in return for a ride to Paris.

me    9:11 PM

Lee Wright    9:12 PM
Marie was her name.
Operation Treadstone.
Tracking his fake names to hotels
he stayed at
CIA is watching his own locations. An agent saw his at the hotel/apartment.
They activate all their contract assassins to converge on Bourne.
His reflexes
muscle memory, training
coup de grace
He took out the assassins one by one.
The girl became “wanted” as well.
But she stayed with him, regardless of the danger to herself.

me    9:18 PM

Lee Wright    9:19 PM
They visited a farmhouse.
An assassin came to visit.
The dog went missing.
The family left the farmhouse for a while for safety.

Jörgen Olsson    9:21 PM

me    9:21 PM
to land

Lee Wright    9:21 PM
He learns from the assassin that both of them were part of Treadstone.
He called the CIA head guy using the assassin’s phone.
Bourne arranges to meet Conklin on a bridge.
He tries to quit the organization but Conklin says that can’t happen.
He learns that he was on a mission to kill someone but he failed due to the target having kids with him,
So…he ended up getting shot twice in the back and floating in the ocean.
local “bases”
The CIA has a boss and the boss’s boss.
A fake cover story
DAY noo mah
A twist at the end of the story.
was Conklin’s boss.
Abbott had Conklin removed.

Gerard Arbat    9:29 PM

Lee Wright    9:29 PM
Bourne, now free from the CIA, travels to Mykonos, Greece, where he reunites with Marie, who runs a scooter shop, and the two share an embrace.

me    9:30 PM
1. Does your bank has such security systems like Swiz Bank that Bourne had access to?

Lee Wright    9:30 PM
Some time later, Abbott explains to an oversight committee that he shut down Treadstone because of its ineffective cost benefit ratio and proposes a new program, “Operation Blackbriar.”
Makeover to make her look sassy.
Safety deposit box

Gerard Arbat    9:34 PM

leyla eroğlu    9:34 PM

Lee Wright    9:34 PM
You have to pay for it. Not too expensive in USA.
Two keys to open box. – one for bank and one for you

me    9:35 PM
2. Why didn’t Bourne take the gun from the safety locker in Swiss Bank besides knowing that he had been shot?

Lee Wright    9:35 PM
Bourne doesn’t like to use weapons.
Doesn’t want to be found with a gun on his body.

me    9:36 PM
4. Who is Wombossi? what is his profession? Why did US intelligence try to kill him?

Lee Wright    9:37 PM

Gerard Arbat    9:37 PM

Lee Wright    9:37 PM
xiled African dictator Nykwana Wombosi (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). I

me    9:39 PM
3. What happened at the boat? Why did Bourne try to kill Wombossi? Was Bourne assigned to kill Wombossi?

Lee Wright    9:41 PM

Gerard Arbat    9:42 PM

Lee Wright    9:42 PM
plausible deniability
The microchip
projecting onto a wall
the bank account
A “laser pointer”
Who implanted the chip in Bourne’s body?
The book probably explains these things.

leyla eroğlu    9:48 PM

Lee Wright    9:48 PM
Macho man
Woman in red dress

Gerard Arbat    9:48 PM
the novel was written in 1980

Lee Wright    9:49 PM
If you are captured, they make take all your possessions.
You can start from scratch with a naked body.
An autopsy would find it.
Fishing boat (or trawler)
rusty hull

Jörgen Olsson    9:51 PM

Lee Wright    9:51 PM
to lift net full of fish out of the water
wallk the plank
Anchor is usually at the bow or stern.

Gerard Arbat    9:53 PM

Lee Wright    9:53 PM
a dock
small trucks
Big crane
rails on the pavement
overcast day (all clouds)

Gerard Arbat    9:54 PM

Lee Wright    9:54 PM
tuk tuk
bumpers are round rubber objects hanging over the side of the boats

me    9:56 PM
we used “used” car tires

Lee Wright    9:56 PM
used car tires
will also work
express or bullet train?

me    9:56 PM
EVA (spanish)

Gerard Arbat    9:56 PM
high speed train

Lee Wright    9:56 PM
on a raised railway
tunnel through the mountain

me    9:57 PM

Lee Wright    9:57 PM
highway below
snow on the ground
streamlined nose
implies speed

Gerard Arbat    9:57 PM
TGV in France

Lee Wright    9:57 PM
concrete embankments (walls)
Bourne (vagrant) and two policemen
sleeping on a park bench is illegal
vagrancy (having no home)
open wind

Gerard Arbat    10:00 PM

Lee Wright    10:00 PM
ATM rooms
under highway overpasses
in alleys
near a dumpster
Consul of Russie
No Russians in the Actors’ Guild
Coffee thermos, cups
CIA logo on the cups
American flag
Conklin and Abbott
too relaxed
styrofoam cups on the lower picture
Abbott’s arms are in a “closed” loop.
Movie next week
Diana, “I’m back.”
I’ll be back.

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