Movie class: The Incredibles



Lee Wright	5:18 PM
The Incredibles
about superheroes
a family has specials powers
special powers
father is strong
wife is elastic, flexible
girl can turn invisible and create force fields
boy can run very fast
they have to work and go to school
help society fight crime
one man tried to commit suicide
the hero saved him
man sued Mr. Incredible for "ruining his death".
Pandora's Box
to sue
Superheroes had to go underground and be dormant
Money, money, money
a small boy was a fan of Mr. Incredible.
He wanted to be the hero's protege.
Mr. Incredible rejected the boy's assistance.
Boy later became a supervillain using technology.
to get revenge
on Mr. Incredible
by killing all superheroes
so he would be the ONLY superhero!
He wanted "hero worship".
Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack
Parr was the last name
I can't tell you not to do this.
Frozen zone => Frozone
police radio scanners
try to do superhero deeds secretly
Message tablet
Mirage gave him a job and a chance to relive his "good old days".
Edna the tailor
parody of several movies

Vasanth Prabakar	5:29 PM
I think they get it from Audience's query.

Lee Wright	5:30 PM
"Doctor of the stars"
Fashion designer for the superheroes
Capes are evil.
a hero's cape got sucked into a jet engine
has an adult level and a child's level

Vasanth Prabakar	5:32 PM
There are a lot of explosions, collisions scenes but they never showed a drop of blood. That's good for kids.

Lee Wright	5:32 PM
James Bond and Q
Mr. Incredible and Edna
with a homing beacon for emergencies
executive waistline
gained weight
needed a new costume
destroy a rogue robot
that malfunctioned
it was a "learning robot"
it learned your fighting tactics and countered them
so tougher and tougher to beat

Vasanth Prabakar	5:34 PM

Lee Wright	5:35 PM
a plot twist
he is invited to dinner
a technologically augmented human

Vasanth Prabakar	5:36 PM
pinch the child and rock the cradle

Lee Wright	5:40 PM
They rescue dad.
Syndrome and the robot terrorize New York
Syndrome uses a remote control to control his robot.
The robot figures that out and steals the remote control.
Now the robot is autonomous.
Mr. Incredible ALSO learned from his fights with the machine previously and knew how to kill it.
Bad guy kidnapped hero's baby.
Baby had super powers too.
Scared the villain and was dropped from the sky.
Villain's cape was sucked into the jet engine and was killed.
New villain at the end.
Mole guy
lives underground

Vasanth Prabakar	5:43 PM

Lee Wright	5:43 PM
MOLE VILLAIN:I am beneath you but nothing is beneath me.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Being interviewed
Sneaking around behind the wife's back.
merits and demerits
monitors his performance
performance evaluation
boss-employee problems
multi-layered story
Favorite parts:
sibling rivalry
big sister and small brother
girl is shy
and lacks confidence
told NOT to use her powers
so not experienced
force field
wants to date a boy but can't ask him
like The Flash
he's frustrated
that he can't do his BEST
Dad is the discipliner
but he doesn't want to be
lacks confidence
the small neighborhood boy
always watching for something "incredible" to happen
I liked Edna.
blunt, confident, competent

Vasanth Prabakar	5:52 PM
wag the dog

Lee Wright	5:52 PM
tail wags the dog
she would brook no disagreement
Moral of the movie:
Family unity
Doing good
Punish the innocent and reward the guilty
Do your best!!!
Be true to yourself.
Be confident. Believe in yourself.
Rejecting someone now can have unanticipated consequences later if that person holds a grudge and seeks revenge.
Profit motive can harm people.
If you are different, embrace your differences.
Living a fake life is a slow death.
It gets your mind off of other things.

Vasanth Prabakar	5:57 PM

Lee Wright	5:57 PM
based on a true story
we tell in the light of our own experiences
Profit motive
Movie suggestions needed?
Gerard Arbat joined group chat.

Lee Wright	6:00 PM
Film link
Hour later
Last minute
This IS one hour later
Oh, no it wasn't.
If you like animations, then "Cars" is about friendship.

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