Movie class: Thelma and Louise



Lee Wright	22:03
tragic romanticism
romantic tragedy
Russia is slowing down Ukraine's Internet access... ;)
Murdered a would-be rapist.
Murder was somewhat unjustified.
"running from the law"
"on the lam"
head to lawless Mexico
murder of passion
hit the ceiling
blow up
"lose it"
blew his lid (head)
Louise killed the rapist in anger because she had been raped in the past.
The murder was a "pivotal point" in the movie.
Brad Pitt
Her first orgasm!
Louise asked Jim to wire her some money
PItt taught Thelma his M.O. (modus operandi), his method.
left broke, penniless
no cash
Thelma had to rob a store for money.
Gerard Arbat	22:15
Lee Wright	22:16
the dedicated "tracker" hunting down the bad guys
Police are stationed in Thelma's home
Gerard Arbat	22:17
Lee Wright	22:17
The cop knew that their troubles were just a bad sequence of events. He guessed that Louise killed a would-be rapist. He knew Pitt cause Thelma to become a robber.
Truck driver
He got his "come-uppance".
The girls "lead him on" and get him to pull off the road.
They try to make him apologize, but he cusses them.
They blew up his truck.
.The policeman incident -- locked in his trunk.
Gerard Arbat	22:22
Lee Wright	22:22
This movie was somewhat of a "man-basher".
a speed trap
The Thunderbird car
Vasanth Prabakar	22:27
Lee Wright	22:29
The car was a 1961 Ford Thunderbird.
Jörgen Olsson	22:29
not 1966?
Lee Wright	22:29
They blame the victim.
Jörgen Olsson	22:32
Lee Wright	22:33
in the groin
gross disrespect of women in general
Gerard Arbat	22:34
Lee Wright	22:34
he is a repeat offender
Alena Kotyukova ha salido del chat de grupo.
Lee Wright	22:37
They were hopelessly surrounded. No escape!
Vasanth Prabakar	22:38
Alena Kotyukova se ha unido al chat de grupo.
Lee Wright	22:39
True freedom
arc of personality
They went out in a "blaze of glory".
They could have died like "Bonnie and Clyde".
Vasanth Prabakar	22:41
Lee Wright	22:42
He never beat her though. Nice guy really.
dominion, control
Gerard Arbat	22:42
Lee Wright	22:43
He sheltered her. This made her naive.
Her energy was bursting to get out.
like releasing a dog from a cage
Gerard Arbat	22:45
Lee Wright	22:45
Women like "bad boys".
Vasanth Prabakar	22:46
Ha! It's here too :D
yo	22:46
not in america only
Lee Wright	22:48
They went from "good girls" to "bad girls".
ceramic - fireproof
hot grease and oil splash protection
Alena Kotyukova ha salido del chat de grupo.
Lee Wright	22:53
briefcase in his hand
He's like "Trump".
Eating a candy bar
MCP likes to keep women "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen".

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