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Movie class: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
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Lee Wright	8:59 PM
Ebbing, Missouri
comparisons with other movies
Daughter was murdered six months ago.
Rented three billboards.
to shame the police dept.
for inaction
Willoughby (WILL uh bee)
raped, no arrests
How come = why
the community
against her
just a country road
Chief (cheef)
on the way to her house
raped and burned at the base of one of the billboard
or guilt?
Be careful what you wish for.
Rebellious teenager
a sense of "closure"
We want justice.
The Chief tried to discourage her from doing this.
Many unsolved cases in the USA.
Why did the citizens react so strongly?
Hard to sustain anger for a long time.
Chief is dying of cancer.
The billboards shame their friend and indict their town.
at her home
You are either WITH me or AGAINST me. (G. Bush)
Mildred is venting her wrath.
Her ex is living with a 19yo.
a scapegoat
to calm the community
a sacrificial lamb
Does she have friends?
One friend in a gift shop.
Not popular.
Is she a negative personality?
Was she justified in causing all this trouble for this community?
Her ex was a bad husband, a wife-beater.
replacement daughter?
I think USA has a lot of spouse-abusers
they took the sheriff's side
His "last will and testament"
last wishes
me	9:24 PM
commit suicide
Lee Wright	9:24 PM
He committed suicide to end his pain
adds insult to injury
Did her guilt made him kill himself?
She was an average citizen.
Nothing extraordinary about her.
A benefactor gave her more money to extend the billboards.
Dixson, Dickson?/
me	9:27 PM
Lee Wright	9:27 PM
Diana Yarmolinska	9:27 PM
Lee Wright	9:28 PM
Father died, living with mom
Vasanth Prabakar	9:28 PM
person of color
Lee Wright	9:28 PM
New chief, black guy
the "Wyatt Earp" syndrome
Vasanth Prabakar	9:30 PM
Lee Wright	9:30 PM
The "N" word
small town community, very "close-knit"
Women used to be more protected in the South
She had no white knight.
So she had to joust herself.
Dixon beat up the billboard owner.
Dixon was fired.
Dixon was blunt, straight-forward, open.
Not smart.
one small personality flaw
Her ex burned the billboards.
She tried to put out the fires.
She made some Molotov cocktails.
Ad company was across the street from the Sheriff's office
Dixon is trapped inside the burning building.
She tried to burn the sheriff's office.
Vasanth Prabakar	9:38 PM
the dwarf
Lee Wright	9:39 PM
Vasanth Prabakar	9:39 PM
the dwarf actor from GOT
Lee Wright	9:39 PM
Dwarf helps her.
Gerard Arbat	9:40 PM
Lee Wright	9:40 PM
small town.
cell phone
Call the sheriff's home
Hm. Ex burned the billboards. Any chance that the ex burned the daughter?
Vasanth Prabakar	9:44 PM
Lee Wright	9:44 PM
Some irony
Some payback
Even in adversity, we can be friends. Forgiveness
Dentist was hostile to her.
She turned his tools against him.
me	9:48 PM
drill machine
Lee Wright	9:49 PM
Vasanth Prabakar	9:51 PM
Gerard Arbat	9:51 PM
Lee Wright	9:52 PM
wrath (rath; like math, path)
Some irony there
Life goes on...
I don't think she was justified. My opinion.
Little extreme.
Vigilante justice is good but bad
Vasanth Prabakar	9:57 PM
Lee Wright	9:59 PM
Gerard Arbat	10:00 PM
Lee Wright	10:00 PM
What time period?
Vasanth Prabakar	10:00 PM
What about beating him up and let him suffer for the rest of his life?
Lee Wright	10:00 PM
Old TVs?
Old flip phones.
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Desert Shield
Your take-away
Your lesson learned
Today the killer would have recorded rape and burning and
posted it on YouTube
He would have been caught.
Better motivations
You love to hate him. You hate to like him.

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