Movie club: Rio Grande



Think I’ll stop off and get a beer.

I’m liable to blast you
just for the heck of it.

 You keep going and I’m apt to do it!
=böjd, lämpligt, relevant, benägen?

Not to change the subject, but how does
a girl get herself on a handbill?
=reklamlapp, flyer

Well, I’ve kept you long enough.
You’d better run along now
and do your job.

I’ll learn him to talk out of turn

I’m liable to cut my own throat.
Kan mycket väl?

 I’d like to add my two cents worth, sheriff.


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Movie club: Rio Bravo
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Lee Wright 11:02 PM
Song: Bang Bang

Jörgen Olsson 11:02 PM
sitting Bull

Lee Wright 11:02 PM
Sitting Bull
Rio Bravo
(Brave River?)

Gerard Arbat 11:04 PM

Lee Wright 11:04 PM
Sergey Kotyukov joined group chat.

Lee Wright 11:05 PM
Small town
alcoholic guy
in a saloon

Gerard Arbat 11:06 PM

Lee Wright 11:06 PM
sheriff blocked a donation to the guy

Vasanth Prabakar 11:06 PM

Lee Wright 11:07 PM
DEP yuh tee
humility = humbleness
humiliation = shame
a killing in the saloon
he refused to surrender
he was arrested
and jailed
Check in your guns
His brother came
Dude is a good guy
good deputy
but his brother….
card game
dishonest dealer
accused of cheating
(SHARE rif)
He fell in love with a prostitute
He became a drunk
He was poor
He began begging
He turned over a new leaf
and improved his life
small caravan

me 11:12 PM

Lee Wright 11:13 PM
a killing occurred
a woman = 1
women = several
story is unclear
to Jorgen
Joe’s brother
powerful, rich
hired killers to free his brother
4 guys tried to kidnap the dude
sheriff killed them
and freed the dude
More killers were sent.
Action movie
not a lot of story
Romantic theme
love at first sight
(Vampires = love at first bite)
sheriff refuses help even though he needs it..
tense atmosphere in the town
shaking hands
“delirium tremens”

Gerard Arbat 11:17 PM
withdrawal symptoms

Sergey Kotyukov 11:18 PM

Lee Wright 11:19 PM
Sheriffs are local to the town.

me 11:19 PM
U.S. Marshall

Lee Wright 11:19 PM
US Marshalls
Sheriff is elected by the people.

Sergey Kotyukov 11:21 PM

me 11:21 PM
Matta Black joined group chat.

Lee Wright 11:22 PM
county government
for a group of small towns
one per town
Old movie “Gunfight at the OK Corral”
Famous cowboy “Wyatt Earp” was a Marshall, I think.

Gerard Arbat 11:26 PM

Matta Black 11:27 PM
Even the old man was happy for them ^_^

Lee Wright 11:27 PM
relationship made so sense

Vasanth Prabakar 11:27 PM

Lee Wright 11:27 PM
not love
He was the hero
an authority figure
wore two gunbelts
sugar daddy

Matta Black 11:29 PM
my connection is very bad, so I can’t hear the full talk.. it is like.. aa, mm.. eeh

Lee Wright 11:29 PM
Sorry, BM.
happy ending
dude story
romantic story

Vasanth Prabakar 11:30 PM

Lee Wright 11:30 PM
music soothes the savage beast
hit by his wife?
carried her in his arms
hot tempered senorita
or senora
domestic violence
battered wife (or husband)

Matta Black 11:32 PM
Did you discuss the red pants scene?

Lee Wright 11:32 PM
hen-pecked husband
Not yet, BM.
red pants
Mexican guy
was waiting with a parcel

Matta Black 11:33 PM
Maybe this was the reason why the lady fell in his love 😛

Lee Wright 11:33 PM
(LAHN zhuh ray)

me 11:34 PM

Lee Wright 11:34 PM
a lot of action (uncountable; concept)

Matta Black 11:35 PM
A bloody sheriff

Sergey Kotyukov 11:36 PM

Matta Black 11:36 PM

Gerard Arbat 11:36 PM

Lee Wright 11:36 PM
kids sometimes
but NOT in the saloon
kids are in school

Jörgen Olsson 11:37 PM
“The Stage” is like a traveling actors?

Matta Black 11:38 PM

Lee Wright 11:38 PM

Matta Black 11:39 PM

Lee Wright 11:39 PM
a cut-off limb leaves a “stump”.

Vasanth Prabakar 11:39 PM
I like Stumpy’s cackling 😀

Gerard Arbat 11:40 PM

Lee Wright 11:40 PM
stagecoach vs stage

Jörgen Olsson 11:40 PM

Lee Wright 11:41 PM
Thailand has “Soy Cowboy”, Cowboy Street
Girl tried to kiss the sheriff
but he was “busy”

Matta Black 11:42 PM

Lee Wright 11:42 PM
three’s a crowd
in romance
the stage = the stagecoach

Gerard Arbat 11:43 PM

Lee Wright 11:43 PM
out cold = completely unconscious
they share a border
Texas, Mexico
too immodest
fishing for compliments
or jealousy

Matta Black 11:44 PM

Lee Wright 11:45 PM
during cards
cheating usually ended in a gunfight
then the sheriff got involved

Matta Black 11:46 PM
We will save you while you are dying

Lee Wright 11:46 PM
kerchief (scarf)
badge (star made of bronze)

me 11:47 PM

Lee Wright 11:47 PM
man getting a haircut?
cow horn trophy
towel around his shoulders
poster on the wall
wooden post/column
citizens didn’t cooperate with the sheriff
kerosene lamp on the wall
cow horns
deer antlers
moose antlers

Sergey Kotyukov 11:50 PM

Lee Wright 11:50 PM
wooden board floor
swinging doors
on saloons
bull horns
tables chairs
man lying on the floor
dead or out cold?
striped pants
hats were common

Matta Black 11:52 PM

Lee Wright 11:52 PM
ladder in the left corner?
no sinks

Matta Black 11:53 PM
Even shaving was dry

Lee Wright 11:53 PM
saloons were also hotels

Matta Black 11:54 PM
it seems low and high
like a slip

Lee Wright 11:54 PM
boy beating a drum?
dirt road
water trough at lower right
for horses to drink from
old buildings
two-story buildings
brick buildings
dirty place

Vasanth Prabakar 11:56 PM
I think they carry the deadbody that Joe killed the previous day.

Lee Wright 11:56 PM
Remember the Alamo

Matta Black 11:57 PM
WOW< Water! like a well? Lee Wright 11:57 PM trough (troff) gloves vest cowboy hat stagecoach with white horses water canteen rope gunbelt bedroll Matta Black 11:58 PM chimney? Lee Wright 11:58 PM canteen cantina army has canteens as well holsters rifle holster Jörgen Olsson 11:59 PM Cantina West in my neighboour city, a discotheque served mexican food me 12:00 AM bedroll Lee Wright 12:00 AM bridle harness some fashion back then rifle rack jail cell desk wood-burning stove for heat and coffee cupboard bureua bureau Matta Black 12:02 AM drawers Lee Wright 12:02 AM law books pot-bellied stove Matta Black 12:04 AM like a transit prison, not for long stays. Lee Wright 12:04 AM Is she wearing horns? Consuelo Spanish senorita Dining Room sign parcel Pedro (Peter in Spanish)) back east stagecoach was also used for shipping scrub brush (bush) Gerard Arbat 12:06 AM timbleweed Lee Wright 12:06 AM tumbleweed Gerard Arbat 12:06 AM tumbleweed Lee Wright 12:07 AM porch walking patrolling card game poker drink (shot) glasses pointing his gun at someone Matta Black 12:07 AM the cheating player Lee Wright 12:07 AM cheater stairs to the hotel rooms string tie on guy to the left with striped pants women in a riding outfit Matta Black 12:09 AM a curtain Lee Wright 12:09 AM kerchief green felt tabletop carpet bar piano pool table! looks tense man upstairs spittoon Gerard Arbat 12:10 AM the dude Lee Wright 12:11 AM billiads (pool) Jörgen Olsson 12:11 AM upstairs=loft Lee Wright 12:11 AM billiards bartender spittoon was for spitting chewing tobacco into cue stick (pool) bullets on the gunbelts thatched roof (from tree branches) hang your weapons here. Matta Black 12:13 AM bullets are having a sunbath.. ha ha Lee Wright 12:13 AM Check your guns here, please. stable for hrses horses hitching post me 12:14 AM a fence Lee Wright 12:14 AM (fence) Jörgen Olsson 12:14 AM corral? Matta Black 12:14 AM not a stable? Lee Wright 12:15 AM saddle bags on the horse behind the saddle Saying: Back in the saddle again (back in control again) (back in a dangerous situation again)) shaving with a razor (straight razor) Matta Black 12:17 AM The sheriff "I do my own shaving" Lee Wright 12:17 AM He was clean-looking clean-shaven kerosene lamp boots cowboy boots Gerard Arbat 12:18 AM q Lee Wright 12:18 AM badge six points Matta Black 12:18 AM This is the same like Israel star. Lee Wright 12:19 AM electric razor vs. straight razor old barbers used a leather stropping strap to "sharpen" the razor. Matta Black 12:20 AM it can shave.. it can kill>> WOW

Lee Wright 12:22 AM
shaving cream
shaving creme
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