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Movie club: Towering Inferno
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Vasanth Prabakar 7:04 PM
Some alien invasion! 😀

Lee Wright 7:04 PM
You sound like screeching glass, Quach.
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Lee Wright 7:05 PM
Or use different mike.
Peak season for Gerard.
The Towering Inferno
Many movie stars!
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Lee Wright 7:08 PM
Duncan Enterprises built a skyscraper..
137 stories
called The Glass Tower
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Lee Wright 7:08 PM
Magnificent architecture
Big party to commemorate it.
Turn on ALL LIGHTS in the building
for magnificent look in the city at night
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Lee Wright 7:10 PM
Overloads an electrical circuit
causes a fire on the 81st floor
Aah, small fire. The party MUST go on!
Party on 135th floor
carbon dioxide
heavier than air
ground level
smoke high, CO2 low
Can’t use elevators during a fire
Climb down 135 floors!
But fire is blocking you at the 81st floor
lose consciousness
wet rag or towel over head
or mouth
hand-held fire extinguishers
ceiling sprinklers
Water tanks on roof
Fire trucks are only good for about 7 floors
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leyla eroğlu 7:14 PM
hello, sorry

Lee Wright 7:14 PM
Hi, Leyla!

leyla eroğlu 7:14 PM
hello Lee

Lee Wright 7:15 PM
Turns out that the Duncan Enterprises CEO’s son-in-law was the Electrical Engineer and he took shortcuts in the electrical design, that is responsible for the fire.

me 7:15 PM
special vs spatial

Lee Wright 7:16 PM
“Met the code but the code was inadequate” (and he knew it)

leyla eroğlu 7:17 PM
ıvan ı haven t watched the film

Lee Wright 7:17 PM
watched (watch /t/)
Promenade Room
where the part is, 135th floor
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Lee Wright 7:19 PM
Fire chief told Duncan to evacuate his party attendees
Can’t use elevators.
Stairwells blocked
stairwell (tunnel-like)
Initially, CEO Duncan
ignored the reports of a small fire
on the 81st floor
later the Fire Chief came up and said, “SIR! You NEED to evacuate your party, please.”
Several subplots with party attendees.
Con man and women (target)
Architect and Fire Chief respect each other but have “design” disagreements.
One man with a mistress.
A deaf woman with two kids.
CEO and son-in-law
1. Try the stariwells
2. Try the roof.
3. Try an outside elevator.
4. Try a zipline to an adjacent building.
5. Blow up the water tanks on the roof.
India night club event
fire door chained closed (maybe Thailand)
Paid off government inspectors (bribery)
Synthetic materials sometimes put off a toxic gas.
Smoke exhaust fans
DC emergency lights
evacuation route lightings
Con man lived and got woman’s dog.
Man and mistress died.

Sergey Kotyukov 7:31 PM

Lee Wright 7:31 PM
{ZHAHN rer)
action movie
Architect agreed to consult Fire Department to improve the fire protection design of his tall skyscrapers in the future.
Jumping is the last resort.
Good engineering practices

me 7:33 PM
1. Where do you find “Don’t bring flammable things” sign in your everyday life?

Lee Wright 7:33 PM
Post offices

Jörgen Olsson 7:34 PM
gas stations

Lee Wright 7:34 PM
No smoking signs

Sergey Kotyukov 7:34 PM

Lee Wright 7:34 PM
Public buildings – no smoking
Exit signs
Emergency lighting
Fire doors

Jörgen Olsson 7:34 PM
chemestry classrooms

Lee Wright 7:34 PM
Fire alarms

me 7:34 PM
2. Do your schools provide disaster safety training to students?

Lee Wright 7:34 PM
Fire drills – yes

Jörgen Olsson 7:34 PM
trucks carrying gasolin

Lee Wright 7:35 PM
Fire alarm bell
Smoke detectors
Fire extinguishers
Practice fire drill evacuation?
My Westinghouse HQ building has occasional fire drills.
Remain calm. Form a straight line. Walk quickly but do not run.
Follow instructions and evacuation routes
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Lee Wright 7:38 PM
May be scheduled or unscheduled.
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leyla eroğlu 7:38 PM

Lee Wright 7:38 PM
common in India

leyla eroğlu 7:39 PM
it is terrible

Lee Wright 7:39 PM
Now we have “shooter drills” too.

me 7:39 PM
call to action

Van Quach 7:40 PM
It’s better for me to listen, my mic doesn’t work well :'(

Lee Wright 7:43 PM
Some teachers can qualify to carry a weapon in the classroom now.
took hostages
fence and gate
metal detectors or guard

leyla eroğlu 7:47 PM

Lee Wright 7:47 PM
PTSD in school kids…
combat fatigue in schools
for shooters
metal detectors
China has a problm with knife attacks in schools by mentally ill people

leyla eroğlu 7:49 PM
quach and Van, nice to meet you:)

me 7:50 PM
3. Can you share any common precaution that should be done by any individual during any disaster/accident?

Lee Wright 7:50 PM
American college campuses are wide open — no fences

Van Quach 7:50 PM
Hi Leyla, Van and Quach is one

Lee Wright 7:51 PM
Sound alarm, evacuate, call 911.

leyla eroğlu 7:51 PM
ohh 🙂

Lee Wright 7:51 PM
Make announcement on PA system if possible
Better safe than sorry.

leyla eroğlu 7:53 PM

Lee Wright 7:53 PM
adrenaline rush
you crash later

Sergey Kotyukov 7:55 PM

Lee Wright 7:56 PM
It’s not over until lawsuits are filed.
Must have a scapegoat if the real guilty person is unknown.

leyla eroğlu 7:56 PM
not the real criminal?

Lee Wright 7:56 PM
Usually, we fire low-level people but not the high-level people.

leyla eroğlu 7:57 PM

Vasanth Prabakar 7:57 PM

Lee Wright 7:57 PM
Leyla, sometimes you don’t know who is to blame, but the PUBLIC wants to hang someone.
So someone is sometimes picked.

leyla eroğlu 7:58 PM
yes, dear Lee. ,ı know:(

Sergey Kotyukov 7:58 PM

Lee Wright 7:58 PM
scapegoat = sacrificial lamb
to appease the gods/public
a slap on the wrist
Shaking, vibrating font
trembling with fear
utility room

Van Quach 8:01 PM
I have to leave

Lee Wright 8:01 PM
maintenance closet

Van Quach 8:01 PM
Thank you all

me 8:01 PM
Bye Van!

leyla eroğlu 8:01 PM

Lee Wright 8:01 PM
Bye, Van!
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Lee Wright 8:02 PM
Flammable things stored next to electrical panels!!!

Sergey Kotyukov 8:03 PM

Lee Wright 8:03 PM
Open electrical panel
Fire loading = amount of flammable materials in a room is limited.
open panel is a spark source
Architect in brown
control panel on the left
with mimic
maintenance floor
pipes in the ceiling
electrician’s toolbox
rubber boots
to prevent electrocution

leyla eroğlu 8:07 PM

Lee Wright 8:07 PM
rubber boots insulate your feet from the ground
to protect against electrocution
220 VAC
120 VAC
EU 220 VAC

leyla eroğlu 8:09 PM
120 VAC here

Lee Wright 8:09 PM
AC = variable
DC = constant
trophies and decorations on the wall
old musket pistol
copper pots
china dishes
large oak table
plaid table cloth

leyla eroğlu 8:11 PM

Lee Wright 8:11 PM
Fire trucks
man sliding down a pole from upper floor (for speed)
ladder trucks
one truck has a boom to raise a fireman up above the ground
siren lights
red = fire/danger

leyla eroğlu 8:13 PM

Lee Wright 8:13 PM
firefighters as heroes
Some are volunteers!
Some are paid.

Vasanth Prabakar 8:14 PM
as a service

Lee Wright 8:14 PM
Small towns may not have the money for a fire department
civil servant exams
to become a fireman
in some countries
paid job
few women

Vasanth Prabakar 8:16 PM

Lee Wright 8:16 PM
must carry an unconscious person
or firefighter

leyla eroğlu 8:16 PM

Lee Wright 8:18 PM
It’s real-life in possibilities
it explores human relations, design requirements,
protection actions
good things to know
educational elements
gravity break in an elevator
inertial break

Jörgen Olsson 8:22 PM
Richard Chamberlain

Sergey Kotyukov 8:22 PM
fred Astor

Lee Wright 8:22 PM
Fred Astaire
not Frank Sinatra
We have dance studioes
named after Fred Astaire

leyla eroğlu 8:23 PM
he is good at dancing

Lee Wright 8:23 PM

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