Movie posters

We have a lot of cinemas in my town, and in Russia in general.
Сinematography used to be extremely popular art here since USSR.
I’ve heard that all the old movies were really profitable because hundred million people went to cinemas to watch them.

Now with DVD, tv, the internet, and other ways of watching movies, local cinemas almost extinct. We don’t have “simple” cinema anymore.
Those that we have are super-duper fancy: they offer you powerful sound with many sources, huge screens, air conditioning, some snacks etc.
On contrary small local cinemas from my youth offered you exactly one thing — a movie.

Today I am going to show you a fun thing from the old good days, those movie posters.
Printing was an expensive technology and thus many cinemas couldn’t use it. They used to use painted poster.
Some artist painted the poster after watching the movie for them.
It became to be a special art, as I see that.
Many people found it very special and fun.
I heard that some cinemas still use that to attract people.
Enough words! I was told that a picture worth a thousand words, so here they are.

For the movie “Terminator”

For the movie “Men in black 2”

For the cartoon “Shreck 2”

And as “featured picture” I chose a poster for the movie “District 9”.

I like them very much. So kind of “naive” genre when naiveness become to be the value.

Do you like those pictures? Do you have those? Share please if there are any.

Another poster which I hid because it 18+ Click here to show

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