Your First Steps and Learning Plan

Your First Week

Now that you’ve registered and logged in and become a full-fledged member,
there are a few duties and responsibilities that I ask you to fulfill.  This site hopes to give much to you, so we ask for some minimum effort from you in return.  Accordingly, please complete the following requirements within your first week of membership.


  1. Read Lee’s Blog (opens in a new tab).
  2. Update your Member Account Profile Page.  You can update your member account and profile from the Main Menu under Login/Register.  Here you can customize your profile page colors, biographical information, name, password, etc.  As a minimum, in the Biographical Info section, tell us what country you are from, what kind of work you do or profession you are in, and why you are learning English.  This will help other members relate to you in site comments and other communications.
  3. Create a “member blog” to serve as your public face to other members
    Use this as a running blog, a continuous blog for the sharing of your thoughts — a diary of sorts to describe your experiences and lessons learned throughout your entire time on this website.   Please use the following guidance in creating your blog:

    1. Title your blog post as [YourName]’s Blog. For example, Ivan‘s Blog.
    2. Title your first blog entry as “Blog 1 – Introduction”.  This first blog entry should be a short introduction explaining where are you from, why you want to learn English, what kind of work you do, that kind of thing.  (Copy your biographical info text here if you like.)
    3. Set this blog title in HEADING 1 font using the Paragraph pull-down box on the editing toolbar.
    4. Use HEADING 2 and smaller for any subheadings within any given blog entry.
    5. Create at least one tag that is your user name. This allows everyone to find your blog and posts more easily by using Search or the Tag Cloud.  For example, tag = Ivan. For me, my tag will be T.Lee.  This applies to every post you create.
    6. Mark your BLOG post as Category = Blogs.  This allows us to find your blog by using Main Menu > Blogs > Member Blogs.
    7. Number any subsequent blog entries sequentially, as I have done in Lee’s Blog.

Subsequent Weeks

  1. Be active by visiting this site at least once a week.  I am here to help members learn English.  That is the only reason I am here.  That should be the only reason you are here too.  If you don’t visit the site at least once per month to check for updates at least, I will assume you have no serious interest in learning English and may revoke your membership.  Some minimum effort in return, remember?
  2. After doing a learning exercise, repeat it 1 to 4 weeks later to check and reinforce your long-term memory retention.
  3. Read and comment on other members’ blogs as time allows.
  4. Find some learning areas on this site that interest you and slowly work through all those materials.  Leave me comments on those training pages using the words you have learnedShow me that you are actively trying to use and improve your English and learn new words.
  5. Offer suggestions using Main Menu > About Us > Suggestion Box.

Thank you and enjoy!